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Extracta – ‘Upcycled’ Rubs & Seasoning Trio



Devine Connoisseur is an Australian food brand that addresses food waste by upcycling discarded ingredients in the manufacturing process. The brand follows a zero-waste, circular economy approach, ensuring 100% of its products include ingredients derived from rescued sources.

Made from excellent ingredients including native bush tomato, Australian lemon myrtle and mountain pepper berry and featuring nutrient dense 'up-cycled' organic grape skins + seeds.
Extracta is a 100% Australian-made and owned brand that is vegan and strongly opposes modern slavery and child labor. The brand is committed to ethical practices.
Extracta focuses on sustainability by using upcycled ingredients and fully recyclable packaging. This Australian-made product uses grape pomace, a byproduct of winemaking, which is typically discarded and can pollute the soil and reduce the availability of other ingredients.
Extracta has announced a partnership with Fight Food Waste CRC to manufacture natural ingredients from agricultural by-products. The brand aims to establish production facilities in areas where fresh waste is available to aid in alleviating the environmental impact of such waste. They have also partnered with Habitat Sanctuaries to plant and seed one billion trees to prevent the loss of Koalas and other wildlife habitats.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that this product adds some flair to my cooking, whilst reusing grape skins that would otherwise go to waste. The rubs and seasoning trio is a perfect gift for the eco-minded foodie! The out of the box thinking to upcycle grape skins (pomace) that would otherwise be discarded is a great example of circularity and turning waste into a valuable product. I also love how native ingredients such as bush tomatoes and mountain pepper are included in the rubs and spices.

–Laura Trotta


Delicious seasonings that added something extra to the meal – super tasty and a nice switch up of flavours! This is a good reuse of otherwise wasted ingredients.

–Corrine Sultana


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