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Femmé Organic – Femmé Organic


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. 100% Organic Cotton.
Femmé Organic’s natural products are manufactured in Spain and are free from the use of chlorine or dioxins. They have a 0% child and forced labour production process guarantee, ensuring that at no point during the cultivation and production chain do they use child or forced labour. All workers are provided with a satisfactory wage that adheres to local regulations. At no time are they made to work hours that are excessive or in conditions that endanger their safety. Beyond this, they consciously seek to mitigate discrimination during the recruitment and all workers are given the right to join any partnership/collective representation. Farmers and manufacturers all receive appropriate training to create a safe working environment.
Femmè Organic products and packaging are made with natural, biodegradable & recyclable materials which have less environmental impact with the goal of reducing waste wherever possible. They are one of the only distributors on the market who supply tampon units with paper packaging, ensuring no plastic products. Organic cotton allows the brand to strengthen the soil with crop rotation, which is achieved within an annual cycle that is fully conscious of the environment; present and future. During the manufacturing process of their organic products they use techniques that minimize the use of chemicals, water and energy. These practices occur at their hydroelectric plant that uses natural means to produce more electricity. The brand’s manufacturing processes for organic cotton does not use pesticides or synthetic fertilisers and allows them to reduce the usage of water & protect the quality of the soil.
Femme Organic works to provide unique products for all individuals regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, faith OR gender. They make it clear that menstruation is not strictly a ‘women’s issue’ but rather an issue for PEOPLE who menstruate. Femmè Organic’s subscription process sees that ten cents from every purchase goes directly towards charities dedicated to the betterment of societal growth as well as environmental health. Share The Dignity & The Australian Marine Conservative Society are the two charities they are currently working with.

What our experts say...

The packaging is sleek and sophisticated which I really appreciated (and the tampons are wrapped in paper! Huge win!) It’s the kind of packaging that you don’t mind sitting out on the bathroom. Given the limited number of days in a cycle I only used the tampons a couple of times. I liked the size and they were really easy to remove, which is always a plus. It’s incredibly important to ensure that all employees are paid a living wage in a safe environment and I’m so happy that Femme Organic support communities and organisations to do this.

– Sam Christian

I found these tampons to be a really high quality product. I really liked that they are so soft and are individually wrapped in paper not plastic. The reassurance that they are 100% certified organic makes you feel such comfort in selecting them. This is also a brand with a passion and a purpose. Femme Organic has a strong vision of helping people and providing a safe, clean, organic product. The sustainability and production claims provide comfort that they have researched their process well and will continually monitor them.

– Corrine Sultana

First impressions: packaging on point with tending colours and imagery. I loved the use of paper packaging on the tampons – I haven’t seen this before and feel Femme Organic could be leading the industry with this difference. My flow is very heavy for the first 3 days, I used the super size tampon and had no leakages at all, which surprised me. I will definitely be recommending these tampons to conscious consumers who still want to use tampons.

– Petria Leggo-Field

With cotton being the most pesticided crop in the world, it is so important to choose organic cotton for a product that is used internally, to ensure we are not exposing our bodies to chemicals unintentionally. I love that these tampons are wrapped in paper and are free from chlorine bleaching. They are soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and are a very high quality product. Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

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