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Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. Fair Trade cotton, Woolmark merino blend liner, OEKO Tex certified polyester liner.
Femmze uses accredited fabric suppliers with a strict environmental policy. The company uses local cotton growers and woolmark approved liners that are ethically sourced and are all part of OEK-100. The China based factory is certified for labour practices, including wages, and holiday leave. Femmze’s entire packaging supply chain uses compostable bags from the factory to consumers along with eco tissue paper. Furthermore the Femmze product itself is designed to reduce single use plastics - pads and tampons.
Femmze uses a carbon neutral company for all their shipping. Furthermore they use up all fabric remnants/excess and have made unique limited edition products from them which will soon be released.
Femmze has commenced providing free local community yoga and breathwork events for women. Furthermore they are also about to launch a free on demand version of wellness for womens lifecycles to anyone who subscribes to femmze. The company also has future intentions to charitably give back to the community through products, wellness options or lower price point limited edition ranges that utilize fabric remnants/excess.

What our experts say...


I love everything about this product – the design, the materials and the function. I love that various cuts are available catering to different flows. I loved all three of the cuts I tried – especially the boyleg! The underwear is super absorbent – I could barely tell that I had my period. I would wear these every day – flow or not! Social responsibility is at the heart of this purpose-driven business. I really appreciate that all materials used are both ethical and sustainable.

–Emma Freeman


Femmze pants are a fantastic cross between period underwear and shapewear. They are comfortable to wear and really supportive! The absorbance area is really generous in size and the fabric is smooth and form fitting. The use of leftover fabric to create something and reduce waste is an excellent idea and another way to be environmentally conscious!

–Corrine Sultana


The branding is great. I really liked the flower power vibe. The pants were extremely absorbent and I felt very “secure” – I wasn’t worried about any leakage! I liked that the colours were dark – which is obviously helpful for staining – yet still had a stylish vibe. I was really impressed by the consideration of this product’s impacts at all stages of production. I’m glad that standards are checked in the factories where Femmze is produced. I like that fabric scraps are used up and the community products are a lovely touch.

–Emily Ehlers

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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