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Fibre for Good – Gingham checks Sleeveless Bodysuit


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

The Fibre For Good Gingham check henley sleeveless bodysuit is made using three organic natural colours, without the use of bleaching or synthetic dyes. With no exposure to toxic chemicals, this garment ensures your newborn is protected.

Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% chemical-free Organic Natural Colour Cotton (only using the three naturally occurring colours of the cotton), with coconut shell buttons.
Fibre for Good is a vertical operation that works directly with artisan farmers to retain their asset Heirloom Seeds. They handle ginning, spinning, knitting, cutting, and sewing of raw bails. By keeping the operations under one roof, they achieve better transparency and traceability of their brand's ethical practices.
Fibre For Good's values prioritise the planet and people. The brand designs clothing with an end-to-end approach, making sure the full garment is biodegradable and reducing the use of synthetic dyes and water. They also promote regenerative farming to maintain soil health and reduce carbon emissions. Fibre For Good does not engage in discounting and encourages customers to only buy the products they need. The brand aims to set an example of how to live without toxic chemicals.
Fibre For Good is a family run business aiming to support the circular economy and encourage customers to return unwanted items while building a full lifestyle brand for apparel and home textiles. They currently support One Tree Planted and plan to implement 1% for the Planet, as well as donate and support women in shelters and their babies. They are committed to learning and finding ways to live a more healthy and purposeful life.

Product reviews from our experts…


It was a cute design, although we didn’t get to wear it as it is Winter right now! But we tried it on, and it was nice and soft. I love how they focus on using non-toxic ingredients, the use of the coconut shell buttons is also super cute and sustainable!

–Keira Rumble


This is an absolutely gorgeous style outfit! I was also blown away by the level of thought put into every part of the process in creating these garments. This brand has raised the bar for ethical and sustainable fashion and I look forward to supporting them in the future!

–Courtney Dow


My baby nephew has been loving wearing this gorgeous body suit. It is light, soft and beautifully breathable – perfect for warm weather. I’m amazed that no dyes have been used and that it is made with different colours of natural cottons instead! I also really appreciate that the brand promotes regenerative farming and that they work directly with artisan farmers. Highly recommended.

–Emily Fletcher

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