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Fibre for Good – Sleeping Bag


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. 100% chemical-free, organic, natural colour cotton.
Fibre for Good is a vertical operation meaning they are involved during each step of production from the artisan farming right through to dispatch. The company prides itself on having complete traceability and transparency. All partners for the full supply chain have been GOTS Certified to ensure there has been no misconduct while producing these unique pieces of clothing.
Every part of Fibre for Good garments are biodegradable including their hangers, labels, swing tags and even post bags. Furthermore they also ensure that customers have circular economy options available to them so garments don't end up in landfill. By partnering with AirRobe you can resell, donate or rent any unwanted garments. Incredibly Fibre for Good grows their cotton in colour from an heirloom seed that dates back 6000 years. Using regenerative agriculture methods they lock in CO2, reduce water usage by 90% and ZERO chemicals are used.
Fibre for Good has a No Plastic Policy and allows its team to work from home, reducing their carbon footprint. Furthermore as a company they are committed to recycling as much as possible and they support the One Tree Planted initiative to assist CO2 absorption.

What our experts say...


I really love the colour of this sleeping bag, especially that it is the natural cotton colour. The product is super soft and doesn’t feel bulky at all. I also really like that it has button access down the bottom for easy nappy changes when required. I would recommend this design for a newborn up to 6 months of age or when babies are less wriggly, I enjoyed this design. I also love the no plastic policy of the business and their focus on reducing their carbon footprint. One tree planted, per order made is a great incentive for people to support this business too. Love their work!

–Samantha Gilmore


I absolutely love how soft this sleeping bag is, probably the softest fabric I’ve ever felt. I also love the snaps at the bottom for easy nappy changes and how the overlap at the shoulders makes it easy to get on and off. I love the brand’s no plastic policy, we try to limit all unnecessary plastic in our household too. I also love the one tree planted initiative!

–Claire Karlson


This is a gorgeous lightweight bag with arms which keeps the baby cool but cosy. Made from the softest cotton, a baby can be placed inside with just a nappy on a hot summer’s day. Super easy to do a change with poppers at the bottom. Beautifully made from undyed, organically grown cotton.

–Emily Fletcher

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