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Folkal Eyewear – Blue Bay Sacalia Matte Black Blue



Blue Bay’s Sacalia Matte Black Blue sunglasses are a stylish, comfortable and eco-friendly choice. Made from recycled materials and manufactured with renewable energy and low waste technology, these classic unisex sunnies reflect Blue Bay’s dedication to environmental protection. Exclusively available on

Made from excellent sustainable materials. Recycled PET plastic frame.
The Safilo Group, which owns the Blue Bay brand, has developed the "Worldwide Business Conduct Manual - The Safilo Way" to guide the brand's actions and decisions both internally and with stakeholders. The manual outlines fundamental principles such as respect for human rights, environmental protection and promoting healthy lifestyles. Safilo also aims to ensure human rights are respected throughout its supply chain, with the SA8000 certification confirming the company's sensitivity to the issue.
Folkal Eyewear, a joint venture between Edge and Safilo, is a marketplace for sustainable eyewear in Australia that allows consumers to compare sunglasses based on their eco-friendliness. Folkal developed a rating system, which is the world's first exclusively for eyewear, to identify better-rated products based on various data points such as recycled materials, renewable energy usage, waste technology, case materials, packaging and transport materials. Blue Bay sunglasses, exclusively available in Australia through the Folkal Eyewear marketplace, use recycled materials, renewable energy with low waste technology and are packaged in recycled paper boxes. The Folkal team is working with its partners using algae bioplastic production, locally produced recycled plastic, 3D printing and other sustainable solutions to make eyewear even more environmentally friendly.
Blue Bay has partnered with CESTHA to support environmental protection programmes. CESTHA works to conserve endangered species and promote sustainable management activities. Blue Bay has helped fund a sea turtle tracking programme in which a rescued turtle named Gaia Speed had a GPS device positioned on its carapace to track its movements, enabling researchers to better understand these animals' behaviours in the wild. Blue Bay also supports Plastic Bank, which removes plastic from the ocean, creates positive opportunities for waste collectors and reuses collected materials as Social Plastic in a closed-loop supply chain. For every purchase of Blue Bay sunglasses, Folkal Eyewear donates to Plastic Bank.

Product reviews from our experts…


The Blue Bay Sacalia Matte Black Blue sunglasses are a practical and hard-wearing accessory. I love the classic style and shape of these – making them an instant everyday staple!

Folkal Eyewear’s commitment to sustainability is also very clear – with acknowledgement of its production standards and all elements of its product and packaging, as well as how it gives back to the community.

–Brittanie Dreghorn


I like the lightweight frame and the sunglasses lens neck holder so you don’t lose your sunnies – they have a cool print! I am also impressed by the charity they have partnered up with and the direct contributions they have made to the charity i.e. the turtle tracking programme. Often brands just provide money to charity and consumers don’t know what the money goes towards!

–Catherine Jia


These sunnies have high quality polarised lenses, which are an essential for an Australian summer by the water. I love that the frame is made from recycled PET – it is light and sturdy, making for an ultra comfortable wear, aided by quality spring hinges. I find myself reaching for these sunnies all the time as I really enjoy the sun protection they give as well as how comfortable they are! The bold orange mirror lens is fun and on trend. I also love that with every purchase Folkal donates to plastic bank and that Folkal are so involved in the further research and design of future sustainable eyewear options!

–Emily Fletcher

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