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Foraged For You – The Mothers Blend


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, 100% organic ingredients. Includes kelp, camu camu and organic grass fed and free-range freeze dried beef liver.
Foraged For You sources ingredients from its most preferred origin, to ensure it is certified organic we need to go to where it originally comes from! Therefore, they are required to source worldwide. For example, their kelp comes from Canada or New Zealand depending on availability, camu camu from Nepal where it is best grown, liver from Tasmania or QLD to ensure it is high quality, organic and free range. Ingredients are then shipped to the company in Australia, fermented here in Brisbane then compiled and decanted into the jars locally.
Foraged For You uses Certified organic, real food only. The company uses zero plastic when shipping other than a small piece of tape legally required as a tamper evident seal, though they are currently investigating an alternative. They package in recyclable glass jars and only use paper packaging for shipment. The brand endeavours to be 99% plastic-free soon, the only thing stopping them from being 100% is their jars which require a unique acrylic lid.
Foraged for you donated jars to women in need in the northern rivers after/during the floods. Furthermore they donated $5, 645 to the northern rivers flood victims via GIVIT. The brand Donates jars to individuals who have gone through difficult times worldwide (such as a loss and people in need of support. The brand continually provides education online and holds regular live webinars for customers. Furthermore they attend local events to support their community.

What our experts say...


My iron levels are the best they have ever been and I feel amazing when I take this product. After the birth of my first two babies I suffered severe postnatal depletion, one of the only things different in my lifestyle this time is Foraged and I feel like a new woman! I am healthy and vibrant and energised. The founder’s commitment to the best quality and transparent sourcing of her ingredients is incredible! There truly is no other product out there like this and to know that she would never skimp on quality makes me have so much trust in the brand. I also love that she does refill packs to save on packaging – great for me as a consumer and also great for the Earth!

–Courtney Dow


Having had my gut health wiped out during birth and a huge hemorrhage, I love that this product is helping me to speed up my gut health. It is easy to use making it accessible.

–Rebecca Sullivan


I love that the mothers blend seeks to take care of mothers nutritional needs at a time when she needs them most – there are so many products that support the health of a new baby, but the health of a new mother is also paramount and often forgotten! This blend is easy to use, can be added to any preferred drink, and makes it so easy for a new mum to get the nutritional boost she needs at a time when she may be quite physically depleted. I love that it uses all natural, organic ingredients, meaning Mum is getting only the best. I love that the packaging is 99% plastic free and able to be recycled, and love that the brand is clearly so conscious about not generating excess waste and working towards being 100% plastic free! It’s also great to know that the brand is active in its social responsibility and supports a variety of worthy causes.

–Emma Meyer

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