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Found My Skin – Tinted Mineral SPF50+ with Kakadu Plum



The Tinted Mineral SPF50+ with Kakadu Plum offers maximum SPF protection with reef-safe zinc oxide and further UV and blue light protection from iron oxides. It blends seamlessly on all skin tones without a white cast. Enriched with vitamin C it reduces signs of aging and is vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable with compostable and recyclable packaging.

Formulated with very good clean ingredients including zinc oxide and Kakadu plum. SPF 50
Found My Skin's products are Australian-made and follow ethical practices such as being modern slavery-free, zero waste, paraben free, silicone free, plastic free, reef safe and cruelty free. Additionally, their products are made with non-nano micro-particles.
Found My Skin aims for zero landfill by using recyclable aluminium tubes that can be melted down multiple times. The brand ensures every bit of the product is used by providing a tube key to squeeze out all the contents before recycling. Additionally, their mailers and boxes are compostable and they opt for fresh flowers instead of balloons at events.
Found My Skin is an Australian-made brand that tracks their ingredients to ensure packaging and ingredients are from ethical sources certified as modern slavery free. They have also donated to various charities and organizations, such as "Walk Free" against modern slavery and Trigg Junior Board Riders competitions.

Product reviews from our experts…


Cool packaging, great branding and a good colour. It is one of the few zinc products my kids will let me put on them. I could wear it under makeup too, which makes it great for everyday use. I also love the zero landfill attitude and attention to both the supply chain and ingredient-sourcing.

–Sarah Berry


This is a total pleasure to use. The scent, the properties on the skin with the kakadu plum, and the consistency are all pleasing to the touch and the nose.

The tube key is a clever concept brought to execution! This kind of innovation is excellent to see and can be used for other tubes too. I appreciate that.

–Alena Turley


Three big standouts for me: 1) This sunscreen is packaged in 100% aluminium which can be repeatedly recycled 2) The lid doesn’t leak, making this sunscreen mess-free and 3) No ghosting thanks to the perfect shade of tint. It’s also super moisturising with excellent sunscreen protection at SPF50. Great for the face too!

I appreciate that a key is provided with the product to ensure all sunscreen is used before entering the recycling bin. I’m also a big fan of this brand’s commitment to supporting the fight against modern slavery.

–Emma Freeman

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