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Founder’s Formula – Australian Botanicals Pro-Aging Treatment Concentrate Serum


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes 16 potent Australian Botanical Actives in an organic aloe base.
Founder’s Formula manufacture in small batches in Australia. All ingredients are sourced ethically, favouring Indigenous supply chains and certified organic, wild-harvested or spray-free ingredients.
Serums and oils are packaged in glass and cardboard with no unnecessary plastic packaging.
Founder, Dr Annie Holden, is an Australian anthropologist who has spent more than 30 years working with Indigenous people across remote parts of Australia (specialising in the cultural and social impacts of resource development).

What our experts say...

I like how hydrating the texture feels, and the subtle botanical scent. It is good to see their focus on equality, especially with respect to Indigenous populations. I also respect that Founder’s Formula create in small batches, focus on quality and make vegan products.

– Neha Hobson

A thirst-quenching blend of Australian botanicals over a super hydrating aloe and glycerin base.

Love the brand story of working with First Nations women.

–Sigourney Cantelo

Wow, this highly potent serum contains an all-star lineup of 16 native ingredients, including; kangaroo flower, waratah, kakadu plum, Tasmanian sea kelp, mountain pepper berry and many more. Because I have quite dry skin, I have been applying just one drop in the evenings. So far, my skin feels tighter and pigmentation is slightly fading. Can’t wait to continue use to reveal long term results. I love that the founder, who is an anthropologist, works directly with Indigenous farmers and communities.

–Emma Freeman

As I learn more about native Australian botanicals and the incredible skincare benefits that they impart, as well as their use helping to support First Nation communities, I am progressively drawn to them. This luxurious serum has combined 16 of the best botanical actives into the most intensely nourishing and antioxidant rich nectar. It glides silkily over my skin, absorbing deeply and leaving my skin with a hydrated glow. I find myself reaching for this beauty whenever my skin feels dull or sensitive.

–Emily Fletcher

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