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Frank + Bare – AHA Natural Deodorant Fragrance Free


Silver, Editor's Choice
Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients including organic shea butter and coconut oil.
Frank + Bare are Australian made and are a small scale, hand made manufacturer. The brand uses ethically sourced ingredients with a mix of natural and organic materials. All the ingredients are cruelty free.
All Frank + Bare’s natural and organic materials are sustainably sourced. The brand’s product packaging is 100% recyclable, their mailer boxes are also 100% recyclable including paper packaging tape, they use soy Ink which is safer for the environment as well as Carbon Neutral shipping.
Frank + Bare donates $1 from every purchase to I=Change which goes towards Australian Environmental Initiatives. This can equate to up to 4% of the product cost.

What our experts say...

There are lots of things to like about this deodorant. It’s a different offering to others on the market as it is focused on AHAs and the skin’s pH level. It’s very smooth to go on and the oval shape works beautifully with the curve of your underarm. Love that its fragrance-free and works well the whole day long. Zero irritation for my sensitive skin and absorbed well. Simple straight forward claims that I love – Australian, hand made, organic ingredients and sustainably sourced. All big ticks.

– Corrine Sultana

Actually loved that this was fragrance-free but still worked so well. I think it’s common to assume with natural deodorants you need essential oils to cover up the smell, but this product was amazing. I like that they have transparency on what they donate and what that equates to from their costs. Transparency creates trust in a brand.

– Courtney Dow

I like the distinct shape of this product’s packaging which makes it easy to find among others. The content smells quite pleasant and readily absorbs into the skin. Donating to an environmental initiative is a great start on being socially responsible. I do support what Frank + Bare has done and look forward to seeing the next evolution of their social program.

– Ria Andriani

This deodorant has a very light citrus scent to it and is very gentle and effective. I love that Frank + Bare have changed up deodorant science and instead of creating a harsh alkaline environment under the armpit with bicarb, they are using natural fruit acids to slightly increase the acidity of the already acid underarm environment through gentle fruit acids. It’s gentle, natural and highly effective. A fantastic product.

– Emily Fletcher

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