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Frankie Apothecary – Kawakawa Repair Balm



Kawakawa Repair Balm is a multi-purpose intensive moisturizing balm crafted from skin-calming New Zealand native Kawakawa, renowned for centuries in treating various skin conditions. It effectively soothes eczema-prone skin and provides relief from nappy rash, dribble rash, cradle cap, grazes and bug bites. The product proudly bears the Eczema Association of New Zealand badge.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including Kawakawa and calendula.
Frankie Apothecary manufactures their products in New Zealand and their supplier confirms that the mica they use in their shampoo bar is free from child labour. As a Māori-owned business, they harvest in line with traditional principles, on only two days of the month when the plant’s energy is believed to be at its peak, to guard against over-harvesting and promote regeneration. All staff are paid above the New Zealand Living Wage.
Frankie Apothecary prioritises sustainability by using materials and packaging that can be easily recycled or composted. Their products are packaged in infinitely recyclable glass or aluminium, with paper labels and aluminium lids. They also offer refill options and a return program for customers to recycle difficult-to-recycle components. The brand uses plastic-free courier packaging, opting for home compostable bags, brown paper tape and cardboard boxes. They also use pop-starch as a packing material that breaks down in water. Frankie Apothecary educates their customers on how to recycle their products properly.
Frankie Apothecary is committed to supporting its local community through various initiatives, including donating proceeds and products to charitable organizations and community groups. The company has also donated to the World Health Organization's Ukraine appeal, and regularly provides products for fundraising to kohanga reo, kindergartens and other community groups working with vulnerable populations. In the last six months, Frankie Apothecary has made several product donations to organizations including the Awhi Shed cyclone relief effort and the Te Akonga Fundraising Committee. Overall, the brand has donated over $6,000 in products and funds to support its local community.

Product reviews from our experts…


It’s a traditional balm that’s solid at room temperature but break the seal on it, so to speak, and you have a creamy, thick balm that glides onto the skin leaving a slight sheen and a really nice layer of moisture. It’s a genuine all-arounder that we’ve used in our house on everything from patches of eczema to use as an eye makeup remover. The glass jar has a classic apothecary feel to it and there’s so much product that it will last for ages, even if you use it for everything – making it a good purchase for those needing their beauty products to stretch a bit further! Knowing nothing about the traditional Maori medicinal Kawakawa plant, I was excited to learn it’s been used through the ages for skin issues.

The company is Maori-owned and seems to be deeply involved in its local community and the ethical, sustainable harvesting of its star ingredient. They, like many of the other contenders here are working hard to use product and delivery packaging that produces as little waste as possible. I love that they have the option to refill the products or mail back empties and hard-to-recycle components. They also pay a New Zealand living wage to their employees – Bravo!

–Jessica Teas


A buttery smooth cream which is nourishing to dry and inflamed skin – made using traditional Maori techniques. The use of Kawakawa – a native plant from New Zealand – gives the balm a unique feel, smell and healing properties. It’s great to see an uncommon ingredient being used in this product!

I am also impressed by the brand’s traditional and earth focus practices!

–Corrine Sultana


This is such a great balm to have on hand! We’ve been using it for lots of different things – grazes on the little ones knees, dry winter skin, cuticles ect. It’s also great to see the company is very conscious of their packaging materials and supports their local community as well as charities.

–Ash Quinn

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