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Fresca Natural – Kimono


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
Fresca Natural products are made to order in Australia to ensure no product waste The company uses natural ingredients, organic and/or USDA certified ingredient suppliers wherever possible. Products are gluten free, vegan friendly and not tested on animals. The brand uses a concentrated formula to ensure minimal waste, product longevity and value for money.
Making products to order ensures no product waste. The brand uses packaging that can be recycled or repurposed. Staff live nearby and walk to work. All products are hand made in a small workshop by formulator, Elda Kingston. Furthermore all packaging is repurposed, reused/recyclable.
Educating customers on the benefits of supporting local businesses, and using, making and designing products that are not fast moving consumable goods. Fresca Natural has supported charities in the past including; women refuges escaping Domestic Violence and Motor Neurons Disease Inherited. Furthermore they supply distributors who are involved in the natural therapy industry such as naturopaths and health food wholesalers.

What our experts say...


Upon first smell, this natural parfum could be easily mistaken for a designer fragrance – it smells absolutely divine and so luxe! The roller ball makes application so easy and the scent lingers beautifully on the skin all day. I love the collaboration with an eco-couture designer, the story behind the scent and that the re-purposed parfum pocket was made from authentic Kimono material. It is such a unique and beautiful touch and would make a great gift. I love their very considered production approach and that their products are made to order – not only does this ensure the customer gets a very fresh formulation but it reduces so much waste and the risk of products expiring!

–Marisa Robinson


This perfume smells like cherry blossoms and vanilla. It’s incredible – definitely a new favourite of mine. The first time I used it, I just sat and smelled my wrist for 10 minutes straight! It rolls on really easily, and you can also spread it with your fingers. It soaks in quickly, but the smell stays strong for much longer. I love the idea behind this product, and the fact it comes in reused kimono fabric. I also like that it’s made to order, so no storage or wastage is incurred!

–Lucy Cousins


This is a unique scent, floral and silky dry, feminine but not sickly sweet. The Kimono material packaging makes for a personal, special touch. The brand’s pushback against ‘fast’ consumer goods is essential, as is supporting local groups!

–Sarah Berry

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