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Fresk Skincare – Moisturiser


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic calendula, mango seed and shea butters. Made fresh to order.
Fresk Skincare is a Vegan Brand and 100% of their ingredients are of natural origin. Products are handmade in small batches for freshness and no preservatives or water is used in their products (Please note: a very small amount of water is used in the manufacturer of the Sucragel XL ingredient). Most ingredients are manufactured in Australia and ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers. All ingredients naturally derived from plants are: COSMOS certified, ECOCert or NATRUE approved. Only 7 of their ingredients used are manufactured outside of Australia.
Fresk Skincare as a brand, has a focus on ‘less is more’. The company is environmentally conscious and uses minimal packaging to reduce waste. Miron Violet Glass and hard plastic closures are chosen for product packaging as it has greater protective qualities. Miron Violet Glass is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Packaging materials are made from: natural raffia for ribbons, corrugated cardboard and Honey Comb Kraft Paper Wrap as they are eco-friendly. 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Ingredients are sourced directly from Australian farmers/growers to support them and reduce the company's carbon footprint.
Fresk Skincare stands for accepting the aging process gracefully without wanting to be younger. The brand advocates being comfortable with aging allowing women to embrace who they are and exactly as they are, as they age. The company organised and hosted the ‘You Are Enough' charity event, partnering with This Is My Brave (TIMBA) – a non-profit organisation. TIMBA’s mission is to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Fresk Skincare works with retirees to create their calico bags, wooden spoons, personalised message papers and gifts. They are handmade by the retirees.Furthermore they also collaborate with complimentary local/Australian businesses to promote each other's products and services to grow the businesses.

What our experts say...


A rich, super-hydrating moisturiser packed with nourishing oils and antibacterial properties like lemon myrtle, eucalyptus and tea tree. I found this worked best for me at night time. After several uses, it worked to reduce dry patches on my face and left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I really appreciate the huge efforts this brand makes to source ethically and locally. I also appreciate their efforts to be sustainable and give back to society. Well done!

–Emma Freeman


This has a creamy velvet texture, which is full of restorative and hydrating benefits for your skin. I could noticeably tell that my face was really full and plump after 3 days of usage. I believe this brand is catered to an older generation which is highlighted through their initiative in helping older women find confidence in themselves. I would love to use this product at an older stage in my life.

–Catherine Jia


If you like to use moisturisers that give you a spa vibe and leave you skin with some glow this is the one for you. It has a lovely scent that I really enjoyed and left my dehydrated skin with a beautiful sheen. I love that Fresk products are made fresh to order. They also have a considered approach to ingredients with certifications to back up their production.

–Ash Quinn

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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