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Freya’s Nourishment – Restore Skin balm


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes organic shea butter, rosehip and tamanu oils.
Freya’s Nourishment sources all their ingredients directly from local Australian businesses. The brand chooses quality over price. Base oils are always certified organic unless the certification is not available at al. Furthermore products are all vegan and are non toxic.
Terracycle is used to recycle all office waste and a recycling program is offered to their customers. The brand is currently moving across to recyclable labels and they produce their skincare in small batches to avoid any waste. Biodegradable mailers & compostable water activated tape with vegetable based adhesive are used. Packaging material from suppliers such as shipping boxes and packaging peanuts are also repurposed for wholesale shipments. Furthermore the company works to offset carbon emissions as a member of Greenfleet.
Freya’s Nourishment has supported Gumtree Greys, a volunteer-run greyhound rescue charity, through the sale of their products for five years. Various other charities are also supported including OCRF & Movember including, ad hoc events throughout the year as things happen. During the pandemic, they gifted a large amount of products to the ICU staff at a Melbourne hospital.

What our experts say...


An unctuous blend of beautiful skin-loving oils and butters such as shea, macadamia, calendula scented with lavender, woods and frankincense. I’m impressed with the brands dedication to reusing packaging materials and their work with greenfleet. Reusing is always better than recycling and infinitely better than repurchasing!

–Sigourney Cantelo


This balm has a strong genderless smell, which I quite like! I’ve been using it on my very dry, damaged winter legs and they are now looking shiny and healthy. The balm spreads really easily and is fast-working. I really like that all their ingredients come from Australian suppliers – not only is that great for our economy, but it also cuts down on environmental shipping impact. They also seem like a company that is continually improving their sustainability and streamlining their ethical processes. That helps me trust their products!

–Lucy Cousins


I really love the packaging and beautiful design of this product. It applies very nicely and melts into my skin. I also love the slightly sweet and subtle smell of this product. I love that they strive to source local and organic ingredients and that they recycle office and product waste and try to minimise it as much as they can. I also love that they support different charities and that they use biodegradable mailers.

–Stephanie Kurlow

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