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Freya’s Nourishment – Smudge – Energy Clearing Mist


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Includes lavender, juniper, frankincense and cypress essential oils.
Freya’s Nourishment sources all their ingredients directly from local Australian businesses. The brand chooses quality over price. Base oils are always certified organic unless the certification is not available at al. Furthermore products are all vegan and are non toxic.
Terracycle is used to recycle all office waste and a recycling program is offered to their customers. The brand is currently moving across to recyclable labels and they produce their skincare in small batches to avoid any waste. Biodegradable mailers & compostable water activated tape with vegetable based adhesive are used. Packaging material from suppliers such as shipping boxes and packaging peanuts are also repurposed for wholesale shipments. Furthermore the company works to offset carbon emissions as a member of Greenfleet.
Freya’s Nourishment has supported Gumtree Greys, a volunteer-run greyhound rescue charity, through the sale of their products for five years. Various other charities are also supported including OCRF & Movember including, ad hoc events throughout the year as things happen. During the pandemic, they gifted a large amount of products to the ICU staff at a Melbourne hospital.

What our experts say...


Oh, wow! This magical spray is a wonderful alternative to the traditional smudge stick. As someone who’s home flooded earlier this year, regular energy clearing is a necessity in our home. I just adore the scent – a mix of citrus and grounding essential oils. I love that it contains quartz crystals. I also find it is a wonderful energy clearer when switching from work to mum mode in the home.
I love this purpose-driven business and the care that is taken to create functional yet beautiful self care products.

–Emma Freeman


This product is a beautiful mist that adds a great air of inspiration, clearness and clarity to both my work and meditation space. I am excited that I found a new ritual in preparing my space for meditation. I strongly resonate with Freya’s Nourishment’s decision to focus on quality over price while ensuring to tick recycling, carbon and give back initiatives. This is a great ethical building block to a business.

–Renee Carpenter


This crystal infused mist comes in a beautiful amber glass bottle. The clear quartz crystals, also known as master healers, that lay on the bottom of the bottle are thought to regulate energy and be protective against negativity. I love that the comforting, soft fragrance of this ‘energy clearing’ mist is made up of therapeutic essential oils such as lavender, juniper berry, lemon and frankincense. Freya’s Nourishment products are all vegan and they support a volunteer run greyhound rescue charity called Gumtree Greys. The brand is conscious of their environmental footprint and offset their carbon emissions as a member of Greenfleet.

–Dominique Scott

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