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Frontier Pets – Free-Range Pork Dog Food


Made from excellent non-toxic ingredients. 100% ethically sourced ingredients including Free-Range pork meat, organic fruit & vegetables, turmeric and green lipped mussel.
All Frontier Pets human-grade produce is sourced and made in Australia, using free-range and/or organic ingredients. The brand’s fruit & vegetables, being organic, are free of pesticides and chemicals. The brand's vision is to end Factory Farming, through producing a range of pet food that contains only 100% high-welfare ingredients and materials that directly support the ethical producer. Frontier Pets provides a reliable income stream for ethical producers - one that they would not have had otherwise. The brand provides flexible working hours for their staff.
All of Frontier Pets free-range farmers practice sustainability. The farmers practice crop and animal rotation, which means farmers rotate their produce so they're making the most of smaller plots of land and allows the ground to self-fertilise. By supporting the end of Factory Farming, a key destroyer of our planet, the brand is supporting sustainable practices. In addition, the water that is extracted from the brand’s products during the freeze-drying process is used to water their land and to clean their facility.
Frontier Pets regularly (at least twice per week) donates food to various not-for-profit companies who want to raise money and also work with several animal shelters.

What our experts say...

I like how much Pickachu enjoyed it. She was licking the bowl at the end of it. It has really high quality ingredients so it was a win win! I love that the brand is from and have continued to be and support a rural community. I know Evans Head well and it was really nice to read how the brand supports the community and looks after their staff.

– Luke Mcleod

The quality is palpable, the dog loves it and her coat has been improved as a result. It’s clever that you are required to add water to the product, which reduces packaging over time. I love that the company has invested in ethical produce and considers their values in all that they do.

– Alena Turley

In order to protect the environment, we need to make sure we are not only sourcing ethical and sustainable food for ourselves, but also our pets. I love that Frontier pets supports free range and organic farmers and the food is freeze dried, saving dramatically on the transport carbon miles. What an incredible role model for pet food companies! Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

This environmentally conscious pet brand advocates against animal factory farming and includes organic ingredients in their raw, freeze dried food. While many dog foods contain large amounts of fillers that are not necessarily good for their digestive system, the frontier range closely mimics the natural diet of a canine and does not leave our furry friends susceptible to dehydration as some dry foods can do.

– Dominique Scott

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