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Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea – ‘Glow Junkie’ blend


Made from excellent ingredients including hydrolyzed collagen peptides, sencha green tea, olive leaf, paw paw leaf and spearmint.
Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea is Australian owned and operated and is also a female-owned business. All the Fusspot Collagen Beauty Teas are blended and packed in Australia. The brand aims to source organic ingredients from both Australia and overseas from ethical and trustworthy tea farms and producers that support their local communities and villages where possible. Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea uses ethically produced, grass-fed bovine collagen and does not use any artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, fillers or additives.
Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea uses loose leaf tea as it eliminates unnecessary household waste, as well as LDPE pouches which can be recycled and turned into new products such as bin liners. The brand’s teabags are fully biodegradable and compostable, plastic free, with non-bleached, non-toxic strings and tags and they come in recyclable boxes. The brand uses recycled honeycomb Eco cushioning wrap for parcels and recycled cardboard boxes or biodegradable mailers/ recycled paper parcels for orders. They also use Sendle for deliveries where possible and run a zero-waste, paperless office.
Fusspot Collagen Beauty loves to support the wider community and has given products to charities such as St.Kilda Mums and the Koala Foundation, as well as to smaller charities for donations and raffle prizes in the local community. The brand collaborates with other sustainable partners like The Green Edit, Oceonyx and Brava Lingerie. Fusspot’s Founder Sam is also committed to helping and mentoring women, writing and publishing articles about tea, collagen, health and wellbeing.

What our experts say...


Upon opening the pouch, I’m intoxicated by the scent of spearmint combined with the earthy, grounding scent of green sencha. Upon brewing, the flavour is far more subtle and well balanced – the subtlety of spearmint perfectly compliments the vegetal tasting notes of green sencha, olive leaf and paw paw leaf. I love that bovine collagen has been added to make this tea a wonderful wellbeing all-rounder – one that is subtle in flavour but big on ingredients. I love that the plant-based ingredients in this tea are organic and that the bovine is pasture-fed and ethical. A lot of care has gone into sourcing functional sustainable packaging.

–Emma Freeman


This green tea based elixir gives off a light spearmint fragrance and provides subtle grassy flavours. The herbal infusion includes antioxidant rich and inflammation fighting ingredients, with the addition of hydrolyzed collagen peptides to specifically target skin, hair, nail and joint health. I love that the female-owned business behind the blend considers the environment in their operations (from sourcing to packaging) and are driven to support women in both their physical and emotional wellbeing.

–Dominique Scott


Every single ingredient in this light and minty tea is specifically chosen for it’s action in aiding the skin to become less inflamed, and more toned and radiant. A pleasure to begin my mornings with and I look forward to seeing if my skin brightens over time from this powerhouse combination.

–Emily Fletcher

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