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Gab Tabs – Fresh Mint Toothpaste Tablets with Fluoride


Formulated from very good ingredients, including peppermint oil and fluoride.
Gab Tabs currently use a UK manufacturer with a solid ethical practices policy. The brand is working with an Australian manufacturer to move production locally and ensure the ethical employment conditions of the staff involved. Gab Tabs products are made with sustainably sourced raw materials and the brand plans to use as many sustainably sourced organic ingredients with the new manufacturer. The product is 100% Palm Oil-free.
Gab Tabs has created a product with difficult-to-recycle plastic avoidance being their top priority. The brand is plastic-free with their product packaging and shipping materials, using recycled, recyclable and compostable materials. They also use compostable thermal printer labels and local small business suppliers for their packaging and other consumables.
Gab Tabs have partnered with services supporting the homeless to provide oral hygiene care products and are working towards supporting disadvantaged groups with dental and oral hygiene care with the donation of goods and profits. They have also implemented a buy one gift one product offering - to allow customers to provide oral hygiene care products to the brand’s partner organisations.

What our experts say...


The product performs brilliantly and the packaging is low impact and tasteful. Brilliant business name by the way. 🙂
I love how the company has recognised the need to improve dental care for the disadvantaged and I really love how they are giving customers the opportunity to buy one gift one.

–Laura Trotta


Gab tabs are a wonderful plastic free tooth care option. All the goodness of toothpaste without the water – just chomp and brush afterwards. They have a nice minty flavour and are easy to use. Great for travel too. The thought that has gone into the packaging is great with it being recyclable or compostable. I love that they have paired with organizations to assist those who are disadvantaged when it comes to oral care needs.

–Corrine Sultana


It’s easy to use, tastes ok and saves (a lot) of waste. It’s very convenient for travel too or for taking to the office to freshen up during the day.

–Julie Mathers

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