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Gemma Vendetta – Vegan 100% Organic Mineral Lipstick


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, 100% organic ingredients. Includes organic jojoba, orange and castor seed oils and shea butter.
Manufactured in Australia, Gemma Vendetta’s products use ingredients that are locally sourced and processed. Raw ingredients are Certified Organic where possible and are not tested on animals.
Product containers are recyclable, kraft postage boxes are used and labels are biodegradable.
$1 from every Gemma Vendetta sale goes to Young Care OZ, an organisation that advocates for young people living with high support needs to have appropriate housing, so they don't remain in aged-care facilities.

What our experts say...

I enjoyed the beautiful nude shade, it was very flattering on my lips. It was pigmented enough and had a nice texture. Young Care Oz is a great charity to be involved in, along with the brand’s use of biodegradable packaging and organic ingredients where possible.

– Neha Hobson

This lipstick is so lovely to wear. It’s comfortable on the lip, pigmented and lasts well considering how creamy it is. It was great to read that Gemma Vendetta uses ingredients that are locally sourced and processed which not only supports our local economy but also reduces the carbon footprint.

–Ash Quinn

I think I’ve just discovered my all-time favourite lipstick: I love the colour, I love the texture, I love how it keeps my lips nourished and smooth. It matches perfectly with my skin tone and I feel beautiful when wearing it. And to top it all off, this shade is named after one of my favourite book AND song characters (Heathcliff). Winner! Now, time to put on some Kate Bush…

– Emma Freeman

So nourishing for my lips that I don’t even need to put on lip balm before to get plump, hydrated lips and a colour that lasts for hours. With a classic matte finish, I love that I can apply a little or a lot depending on the look I want. I also love that the ingredients are organic and locally sourced in Australia.

–Emily Fletcher

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