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GlowDry Australia – GlowDry: Fake Tan Setting Powder


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
GlowDry is manufactured in Australia, supporting local business and employment. The brand's contract manufacturer also supports other small businesses and does not support child labour. All their shipper boxes are also purchased from a local business. GlowDry uses natural, organic Bentonite clay that is sourced locally. Their application brush is vegan and cruelty free.
GlowDry uses PET plastic for their GlowDry tub and this can be recycled along with the lid. They offer refills for their customers and do not sell pots of powder on their own to encourage refilling. They have 2 sizes of refills, both saving over 80% of plastic (weight) by refilling. The refill pouch itself is a plastic category 7, which can be recycled in some local councils around Australia. The brand is looking to change to recyclable refill pouches and are currently trailing them for product quality. The GlowDry starter kit comes in a reusable make up style bag rather than a paper box or cardboard box that could be thrown away. Sourcing local ingredients such as Bentonite clay reduces the brand’s carbon footprint. GlowDry uses shipping cartons that can be recycled, acid free tissue paper and small recyclable thank you notes. The shipper labels are provided by Aus Post and can be recycled. The brand avoids unnecessary printing and reuses packaging wherever possible.
GlowDry donate products for fundraisers and charities frequently. In addition, the brand supports local Perth based businesses. All service providers, such as marketing, photographer and graphic designers are female led Australian small businesses. They also support a female marketing student intern this year from Swinburne Uni.

What our experts say...

Glow Dry: Fake Tan Setting Powder is a brilliant way to save both time and tan. As a busy mum on the go with fair skin, popping this powder on easily to set and forget my tan meant not having to hang around trying to carefully dry the tan. A non-toxic, locally sourced and manufactured product with a lot of consideration applied to minimising waste, conscious production and giving back.

– Niccii Kugler

Really unique and innovative product – love it as a busy mum who often only gets time to put on tan late at night or before an event – this product is awesome!

– Courtney Dow

What an incredible innovation! One of the biggest obstacles for me in the past with self tan has been the waiting period before I can put clothes on… and as a mother to two young children, I’m always needed! Now I can tan, quickly powder and put my clothes back on – what a game changer! Only a small amount of the powder is needed, so the pot will last well, however I appreciate there are refill packs available too. Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

As someone who loves a golden, healthy fake tan but rarely uses self tan because… well, time… this amazing tan setting powder is a godsend. I was amazed at how it immediately sets the tan and leaves skin feeling normal and scentless, meaning I can pop my clothes on and head out. Gone are the days of explaining to my kids why I’m wandering around the house naked while my tan sets! I love that this product’s ingredients are sourced locally and that refills are offered.

– Emma Freeman

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