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Glowso – Collagen+ Skin, Hair and Nail Formula



Experience Pure Radiance with this scientifically formulated product designed by a team of experts in skin and collagen health. Developed to enhance collagen formation, promote skin firmness, strengthen hair and improve nail health for optimal wellness and a glowing appearance.

Made from excellent ingredients.
Glowso products are TGA listed as the Therapeutic Goods Administration has the most stringent regulations in the world. All ingredients are individually tested and verified, undergo an in-depth safety review and are sourced ethically. The brand utilizes Kakadu Plum sourced through NAAKPA and Verisol for their Collagen peptides, sourced from grass-fed beef. Glowso believes in transparency and truth, creating longevity in people's beauty and wellness journey through naturopathically formulated products. The Collagen peptides are Halal certified.
Glowso has been developed through the lenses of both a naturopath and an environmental biologist and is focused on sustainability. The brand sources its ingredients from sustainable sources, eliminates outer packaging for its bottles, uses plastic-free and recyclable postal packaging, maintains a paperless office and stores products at different locations across Australia to reduce environmental impacts caused by delivery. They also plan to offset carbon emissions by purchasing carbon offsets and contribute a small percentage from their payments to support carbon removal companies and new frontier research. The brand was selected as an incubator brand as part of a developing WA initiative, the Innovation Society Initiative, which focuses on the ESG (environmental, social and governance) moving forward.
Glowso is partnering with NAAKPA, the Northern Australian Aboriginal Kakadu Plum Alliance, to support first nation people who are responsible for the Kakadu plum industry. While the brand does not officially support any other organizations at this stage, the founder of GLOWSO supports mothers and children at Boronia prison in Western Australia through workshops and consultations for health and wellness. As the business grows, the founder hopes to continue supporting women and children in need.

Product reviews from our experts…


Now this is a beautiful, amber glass supplement jar that I would proudly leave on the kitchen counter. A jar housing intentional ingredients that have been carefully and conveniently combined into speckled tablets. I truly felt the benefits of this supplement, especially for my nails, after only a few weeks of taking it!

I am also impressed by Glowso’s sustainability focus and efforts across all aspects of their operations, as well as the brand’s motivation to keep making positive changes moving forward.

–Dominique Scott


Amongst all the collagen powders out there, it is wonderful to have an option in tablet form! I loved using this! I also appreciate that the brand sources its ingredients from sustainable sources which is wonderful and that they use plastic free packaging which is a plus.

–Fiona Noonan


I like how clear it is on what its use is and how it will benefit me, that stood out alot to me!

–Lucia Rivas-Herry

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