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Go For Zero – Dish and Laundry block



The dish and laundry block is a sustainable cleaning product made with 100% natural ingredients. It reduces plastic waste and environmental impact. Its concentrated formula cleans dishes, laundry, surfaces, and produce, lasting for months. Ideal for camping.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients including lemon myrtle oil and Kakadu plum.
Go For Zero is a brand that focuses on providing toxin-free products. Its stain stick is made in Australia using 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, while the packaging is 100% home compostable. All other products are made in Australia or sourced from overseas suppliers who have a BSCI report evaluating their social compliance and labour practices. Additionally, all products are scored against the EWG standards to ensure their toxin-free nature.
Go For Zero is a certified carbon-neutral company that measures, reduces and offsets its carbon emissions by quantifying emissions from all operations, including energy use, transportation, waste and even their team's travel to work. Their shipping boxes are printed in Australia using 100% recycled cardboard and they aim to achieve a zero-waste warehouse by using digital practices, home compostable shipping labels and water-activated paper tape. Go For Zero's 1700 products are designed to reduce waste and harsh toxins in everyday life and they have an extended Terracycle program to reward customers with a $10 voucher for sending hard-to-recycle items.
Go For Zero donates $1 with every order to help those in need. In 2.5 years, they have provided 26,500 meals to Australians in need, cleaned 17,200 kg of plastic from oceans and planted 10,700 trees. These donations are made through their 100% transparent partner I=Change. Additionally, every Friday, they send customers two positive news stories related to sustainability to encourage hope and action.

Product reviews from our experts…


It cleans so well, smells lovely, has multiple functions and saves money! I now use this product everyday.

I’m impressed by their commitment to reduce household waste, reduce chemicals, and make our homes more sustainable and healthy. We need to manage our households differently, and Go For Zero offers a clear pathway to supporting this.

–Amanda Jason


I love the fresh lemon myrtle smell of the soap block and that it can be used for dishwashing, soap spray and laundry powder. One block lasts for so long!

I’m impressed with Go For Zero’s sustainability achievements and credentials such as a certified B Corp, partner of I=Change, certified carbon neutral. The tens of thousands of meals provided to people in need and the number of trees plants are commendable.

–Laura Trotta


It’s plastic free and a large size. I am impressed by the brand’s transparency with i=change.

–Julie Mathers

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