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Good Change Store – Bamboo Reusable Towels


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 98%+ sustainable bamboo fibre, binding agent.
The Good Change Store uses FSC certified bamboo and non-toxic materials (including dyes). The Bamboo Reusable Towels are manufactured in China, whereby a full audit is completed on work conditions, including workplace safety and fair trade.
The Good Change Store is made from sustainable bamboo and environmentally friendly dyes. All the brand’s packaging is recycled and the print ink on packaging is fully compostable. In addition the brand’s manufacturing plant provides evidence towards a set of pre-defined social and environmental criteria and key progress indicators as part of the CanopyStyle initiative.
The Good Change Store facilitates beach clean ups with local schools in partnership with Sustainable Coastlines, supporting clean oceans and waterways. In addition the brand is involved in educating schools around the use of plastic alternatives and the dangers of micro plastics to our marine life through workshops and seminars. They have also partnered with B1G1, for the Giving back initiative, to provide clean drinking water to families in Cambodia through every pack of cloths sold.

What our experts say...

The sheets on the roll are not big or bulky yet one roll is the equivalent of 65 rolls of paper towel, which means a lot of single-use towels are replaced. I love that these sheets can be washed in the washing machine (up to 60°C to give them a proper clean). And no plastic packaging either is great.

Free from plastic (both the product and the packaging) and thoughtfully designed, plus I love that the company makes donations to a charity with every purchase.

– Lindsay Miles

Great size, absorbent eco cloth that’s compostable at the end of life! Any product that’s compostable is a big win for our environment.

– Laura Trotta

With small children, paper towels have been my zero waste shortfall – until now. I am always mopping up spills and sometimes a cloth just doesn’t do when you need something to be absorbed quickly. I love that I can have a pile of these on the go and just throw them down on the mess and it is sucked up in no time. These also work great cleaning mirrors and windows. I usually just rinse them out in the sink and they dry in no time on the oven handle and I just pile them up again. When done, they are compostable! So good!

– Emily Fletcher

Simple design, minimally presented in packaging and easy to use. They are a part of some great initiatives especially the giving back initiative. Would be great to see this done for Australian communities as well.

– Lille Madden

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