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Good Change Store – Eco Cloth


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Cellulose from wood fibre, cotton and environmentally friendly pigment.
The Good Change Store uses all natural ingredients to make the fabric of the cloths and non-toxic dyes. The cloths are manufactured in Germany, where there are strict EU laws around the use of child labour and fair trade. The brand’s manufacturing plant offers employee stability, career development and exciting opportunities as part of a rapidly growing company.
The Good Change Store uses FSC certified timber in the production of the cloths and all the dyes are environmentally friendly. The cloths will fully break down in a home compost and leave no mark on the planet. Once a sponge cloth has reached the end of its useful life, it can be disposed of as regular household waste and even qualifies as a compostable material. The brand’s manufacturing plant has invested heavily in the development of an integrated environmental, recycling and waste management concept that covers the manufacturing processes. Wherever possible, they collect production waste within the respective process and recycle it immediately. Regeneration baths, for example, are fed back into the production process via an evaporation stage. Wastewater is recycled in a modern biological treatment plant. The Good Change Store uses recycled cardboard in the packaging of their products, as well as environmentally friendly ink.
The Good Change Store facilitates beach clean ups with local schools in partnership with Sustainable Coastlines, supporting clean oceans and waterways. In addition the brand is involved in educating schools around the use of plastic alternatives and the dangers of micro plastics to our marine life through workshops and seminars. They have also partnered with B1G1, for the Giving back initiative, to provide clean drinking water to families in Cambodia through every pack of cloths sold.

What our experts say...

Great size, absorbent eco cloth that’s compostable at the end of life! I love any product that’s compostable. Also love how the business is ensuring that every cloth pack sold provides 1 month clean water for a family in Cambodia which means measureable, tangible impact that the consumer can feel proud of.

– Laura Trotta

I love that these cloths are free from microplastic, are certified compostable, and designed to last for up to 9 months before being composted. When wetted they are very spongy, very absorbent and clean well. I liked the simple designs and minimalist, plastic-free packaging. Free from plastic, easy to use and work well, very long lasting, and thoughtfully designed,

– Lindsay Miles

The hand towel material is highly absorbent which I really like. They are a part of some great initiatives especially the giving back initiative. Would be great to see this done for Australian communities as well.

– Lille Madden

The ultimate kitchen cloth— soft and easy to clean with, dries fast and can also be used to mop up spills being the equivalent in absorption of 15 paper towels! I love how each cloth has a different pattern so I can use one for the kitchen/ one for dusting and they don’t get mixed up. I’ve never washed a cloth in the dishwasher before – it’s absolute genius. No more smelly cloths in this house!

– Emily Fletcher

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