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Good Change Store – Eco Scrub


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Natural loofah, cellulose sponge (wood pulp based), cotton stitching.
The Good Change Store uses all natural ingredients to make the wood pulp sponge and natural loofah. The loofah is hand stitched to the sponge to prevent the use of any toxic glues. The products are manufactured in China.
The Good Change Store sponges are certified by C&K Testing, who provides specialised solutions concerning the green and sustainable development of products. This ensures product safety and quality. These products replace plastic wrapped Scotch Brite scourers that are made from synthetic plastic based products, which release micro plastics into the waterways which in turn impacts our marine life. Good Change Store uses recycled cardboard packaging and compostable courier bags.
The Good Change Store facilitates beach clean ups with local schools in partnership with Sustainable Coastlines, supporting clean oceans and waterways. In addition the brand is involved in educating schools around the use of plastic alternatives and the dangers of micro plastics to our marine life through workshops and seminars. They have also partnered with B1G1, for the Giving back initiative, to provide clean drinking water to families in Cambodia through every pack of cloths sold.

What our experts say...

I haven’t used scourers in years as I hate all the microplastic that sheds with plastic scourers – these are a great alternative. I liked the fact it is double sided with a sponge on one side and scourer on the other, it made the product very versatile. I love that these products are free from plastic and thoughtfully designed, plus I love that the company makes donations to a charity with every purchase.

– Lindsay Miles

Of course I love that I can throw them in the compost when done with them… but I also love how they look on my bench – super stylish! It’s great the brand has external auditors to check the supply chain and that they are supporting charities and education.

– Jacqui Scruby

I love this scrub. It’s the perfect size for my hand and the sponge is really absorbent. LOVE that it’s home compostable at the end of life so no remnant waste. Great to see that the brand has linked their product/business to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). 

Laura Trotta

When I realised that my green kitchen scourer released microplastics into the water as well as added to landfill, I knew I had to make a permanent change. This is the best sponge/ scourer I’ve tried. When wet, it becomes soft on the bottom and yet coarse enough on top to properly clean my saucepans (and my shower!) I love that I can wash it in the dishwasher and it comes out fresh and new again! At the end of its life, it can simply be added to my compost – zero waste perfection!

–Emily Fletcher

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