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Good Clean Health Co – Complete Deep Cleaning & Plant Care Starter Kit


BRONZE + Editor’s Choice

The Complete Hydrogen Peroxide for Cleaning and Plant Care Starter Kit is a versatile, eco-friendly cleaning solution. It effectively fights against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold, while being non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. Safe around children, pets, and people with allergies.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients. Includes hydrogen peroxide and essential oils.
Good Clean Health Co manufactures their products in China, with an ISO 9001 certified factory that prohibits child labour. The brand has had its products tested for purity by SGS, a global certification organization. Good Clean Health Co aims to become carbon neutral by the end of the year, despite challenges posed by having operations in two different countries. The brand runs a lean office with minimal paper use.
Good Clean Health Co uses 100% biodegradable ingredients that break down into water and oxygen, along with a stabilizer. To reduce plastic waste, the brand puts its 4L product in a bag inside a box, and aims to replace its 1L HDPE bottles with recycled Ocean Plastic pouches. The bags used to package the 4L product need to be made of aluminium and block out light due to the nature of H202 breaking down in light. The brand is currently testing the effect of H202 on the packaging materials.
Good Clean Health Co supports B1G1 by donating 35 days of clean water to communities worldwide for each 4L product sold and they have donated 215,971 days in just over a year. The brand's multi-purpose product aims to reduce customers' spending on unnecessary products and they showcase the benefits of their product through content such as posters, videos and customer testimonials.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love how this product can be used for any cleaning and plant care task whether in the bathroom, kitchen or garden! The detailed instruction sheet is clear to understand and specifies the two main dilution ratios for the product. I love the optional extra of adding a pure essential oil for those who like some added natural fragrance and extra cleaning power.

I’m impressed by the company’s commitment to go carbon neutral and their partnership with B1G1. I also love multipurpose products and Good Clean Health Co Hydrogen Peroxide cleaner replaces so many different cleaning products.

–Laura Trotta


What a fabulous concept. I enjoyed the spray bottle and the refill idea is amazing. What I love is that it can be used for so many different areas of the house – It’s like a one product wonder! I really love that the fragrance in this product isn’t overwhelming.

They have ticked a lot of boxes from an environmental perspective being a refill, bulk product – I love how versatile it is.The company also strives to give back to communities and you can tell so much thought has gone into creating an eco friendly product that is sustainable, cleaner, multi-use and saves customers money.

–Amelia Davatzis


Good Clean Co have created a really versatile cleaning system. The kit came with a mister, product and instruction sheet for the different ratios to mix for different jobs. It was easy to use and worked well on a variety of surfaces. I am also impressed by the brand’s testing efforts and focus on their packaging!

–Corrine Sultana

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