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Good Earth Oils – Cold Pressed Chemical Free Oil



Good Earth Oils, an Australian brand, offers sustainably produced, chemical-free and non-GMO cooking and dressing oils. With a cold-pressing and natural filtration process, their ‘Extra Virgin’ quality oil is ultra-healthy, containing half the saturated fat of olive oil and a high level of Omega 3.

Made from excellent ingredients. 100% Pure Australian Cold Pressed Canola Oil.
Good Earth is a brand that focuses on the goodness of natural whole foods and preserving their natural state for maximum nutrition. They pioneer low-touch, no-touch protocols such as cold pressing and natural earth filtration to ensure their products are free of chemicals. They also pay a premium for Australian grown, chemical-free, non-GMO oilseeds that are cold-pressed and naturally filtered to yield pure, natural Australian canola seed oil, which is known to be a healthy and bio-active product.
Good Earth Oils sources all of its oilseed from Good Earth Growers, an alliance of farmers committed to sustainable and chemical-free farming practices and Cootamundra Oilseeds, a carbon-neutral production facility powered by an onsite solar farm. The brand also invests in recyclable packaging and pays a premium to use Australian-made packaging. The owner of Good Earth Oils prioritises sustainability and seeks to produce food without impacting the environment negatively. The brand's mission is to provide nutritious products free of harmful ingredients while caring for the planet.
Good Earth Oils is committed to removing chemicals from the food chain. They use non-GMO Australian grown oilseed from farmers dedicated to sustainable and chemical-free farming methods and employ soft-touch processing to preserve the nutritional integrity of the oilseed. Australian produced, recyclable packaging materials are used and the plant is entirely carbon neutral, primarily thanks to a solar farm. The brand directors are also privately involved in unpublicized philanthropic initiatives in healthcare and education in disadvantaged areas in Asia, Asia Pacific and Africa.

Product reviews from our experts…


This canola oil is an Australian sourced and manufactured product that is of exceptional quality. I truly value that the oil is cold-pressed, chemical free and non-GMO. It is light and pleasant in both flavour and fragrance, and as an added bonus (for the brain and body) it contains high levels of omega 3!

I respect that Good Earth Oils sources their oilseed from farmers committed to sustainable and chemical-free farming practices and that they utilise a carbon-neutral production facility, powered by an onsite solar farm.

–Dominique Scott


I am used to using olive oil for cooking instead of canola oil but this was pleasantly surprising. It had a nice flavour and worked really well with the heat while cooking.

I love that it’s an unrefined oil that is not treated with all sorts of chemicals. I also appreciate that they have sustainable manufacturing and farming and that the ingredients are 100% pure.

–Eljay Esson


Mild taste and easy to use! I also like knowing that it is chemical free, comes from non GMO oilseeds and that they are committed to carbon neutral production.

–Fiona Noonan

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