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Guna Natural – Attar Mitti Perfume Concentrate



Attar Mitti is a natural perfume crafted in Kannauj by perfumers who have been capturing the scent of wet earth after the first monsoon rain for centuries. This primordial perfume emanates a captivating fragrance that has been associated with the essence of life.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients.
Guna Natural is a brand that adheres to ethical practices in their product formulation. Their products are crafted with minimal, high-quality ingredients following Ayurvedic principles. The brand takes extra steps to ensure ingredient traceability by personally visiting farms and distilleries in India. Furthermore, the founder is deeply committed to the cause, exemplified by their ongoing PhD research on Indian perfume, which involves spending a year in the field with individuals involved in the entire supply chain.
Guna Natural prioritises sustainability by creating multipurpose and customizable products, using sustainable packaging materials, sourcing certified organic and carefully selected ingredients, and considering the environmental and social impact of their product choices.
Guna Naturals authentically represents their Indian heritage, conducting in-depth research on Indian health and beauty practices, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Anthropology focused on Indian perfume. Through their work, they provide accurate information to customers, promote cultural appreciation and highlight the expertise of overlooked individuals in the industry.

Product reviews from our experts…


According to Guna, this perfume oil smells like the wet earth after the first monsoon rain, known as ‘petrichor’. And somehow, it does! It has a lovely earthy, primordial, grounding scent, containing a blend of natural, ethically-sourced oils based on the founder’s Indian heritage, following Ayurvedic principles.

It’s incredibly inspiring and impressive that the brand ensures ingredient traceability by personally visiting farms and distilleries in India, with the founder pursuing a PhD in Anthropology focused on Indian perfume. I also love that the brand embodies elements of “history, mythology, culture, Ayurveda, adornment, kama, decolonisation and more” – they go well beyond skin deep!

–Kelley Sheenan


It’s strong and sensual and easy to apply. The scent is instantly focusing, and takes you straight into the body. I also like the bottle size. I also appreciate the focus on deep learning around cultural practices and sustainability.

–Alena Turley


Wow! This is the strongest and most distinctive perfume I’ve ever come across in my life! The fragrance is deep and woody and makes me think of India. I also love how it comes in a beautifully soft cloth bag. I just have to remember to keep it in there until I memorise the fragrance profile.

There’s a lot of research that goes into this little perfume and it’s a really heartwarming thing to find people who are as committed to their cultural heritage in overlooked parts of our lives.

–Ria Andriani

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