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Guna Natural – Champaca Perfume Concentrate


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes Champaca flower essential oil.
Ingredients are sourced from small-scale perfume distilleries in India and Guna Natural works closely with businesses to ensure transparency. A majority of ingredients are certified organic. Products are ethically manufactured in Australia in micro-batches
Guna Natural works to minimise packaging, and use recycled or recyclable packaging as much as possible. Biodegradable mailers and shipping boxes are used. High-quality MIRON glass bottles used for perfumes, ensure the product lasts as long as possible. Furthermore multi-purpose and long-lasting products are designed to minimise waste.
Guna Natural are consistently drawing on Indian wisdom and traditional products, ingredients and practices in authentic ways so that they can develop a deeper understanding of the cultural, historical and social processes that have shaped these perfumes. The company works directly with small-scale distilleries in India, to maximise transparency and also benefits to the manufacturer. Furthermore they hold pro bono events for NGOs, for example facials for Mother's Day at Plumtree Children's Services.

What our experts say...


As a roller ball, this perfume oil is so easy to apply and the compact sized bottle easily fits into my purse or bag so I can use it on the go. This scent is so unique and like nothing I have ever smelt before. It’s floral yet warm and very grounding, making me feel calm and comforted when I am wearing it. The scent lingers beautifully on the body throughout the day with no need to reapply. I have received a lot of compliments when wearing this so I am excited to try more from Guna Natural! I really appreciate that the Perfume has been formulated with non-toxic ingredients and is made in small batches to reduce waste. From sourcing to packaging, so much thought has gone into each touch point to make it a sustainable and special scent. I love that they are heavily incorporating Indian traditions and wisdom into the formulas while also continuing to educate themselves to enhance the product further. The way the company gives back to the community, both locally and internationally by working with small-scale perfume distilleries in India, really warms my heart as they are supporting other small businesses.

–Marisa Robinson


This is a highly complex, genderless scented perfume! It reminds me of far off exotic places and makes me want to travel! It has a slight colour to the oil, but that disappears as soon as it soaks in, and the multi-layered aroma lasts for a long time. I like that this product is created in micro batches using ingredients from small Indian suppliers. I also like that this is part of the founder’s heritage and there is an emphasis on ensuring the product lasts as long as possible, so there is less need to repurchase!

–Lucy Cousins


I love the packaging, and the warm, rich scent has calming yoga vibes which transports you someplace exotic! True to the spirit of the product, I respect the fact they are working with small-scale distilleries in India to ensure ethics and transparency!

–Sarah Berry

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