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Gus + Mabel – Busy Bee Tray



Introducing Gus + Mabel’s Busy Bee Tray, an eco-friendly sensory tool for children’s creativity and learning. With a charming flora and fauna design, it comes in halves, quarters and sixths.

Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Bamboo fibre and corn starch.
Gus + Mabel is a brand that prioritises minimal impact and moral harmony while being people and planet-friendly. They prefer environmentally-friendly materials and ensure the safety and well-being of their artisans. Gus + Mabel opposes child labour and values gender equality and high safety standards within its workforce partners. Furthermore they work with skilled artisans worldwide to create beautiful products for customers, including the Busy Bee Tray made in Hefei China, by a company with strong moral ethics.
Gus + Mabel is a children's brand that embraces sustainability in every aspect of its product development process. They use materials that are kind to the environment and create entirely biodegradable packaging. The company's goal is to create high-quality products that stand the test of time and help the environment. They believe that as a children's brand, they have a responsibility to ensure that future generations have a beautiful home to enjoy throughout their lifetime.
Gus + Mabel is a new business that plans to donate to charities as it grows and supports their mission to make the world a better place. The company is passionate about preserving the planet and its inhabitants, particularly bees, and supports charities such as The Wheen Bee Foundation, Bee the Cure, and Save the Bees.

Product reviews from our experts…


Firstly the packaging was incredible – so luxurious! Upon opening I was delighted by the stunning detail in the flora & fauna design. I loved the weight of the tray and the endless ways it could be used! Somedays it served as a tool for sensory exploration, other days it was used to create wonderful picnics for fairies and friends alike! Made from excellent non-toxic materials, bamboo fibre and corn starch. It was surprisingly incredibly durable! I could see this being something that provides our family many many hours of fun and exploration!

I also value that this business is committed to reducing the use of plastic products that end up in landfill, by providing a product that is useful, fun, and that provides children opportunities for learning and exploration.

–Zenaya Sol


I love its ability to be customised and has an easily washable surface. The tray sizes are workable and practical for all mediums. I’ve found the surface to be stain resistant and it stored nicely.

I also respect the holistic approach to utilising the business to support the protection and rehabilitation of bee habitats through a range of organisations in Australia, spreading the impact far and wide.

–Montana Lower


It’s so beautifully made. We use it for all sorts of tactile games such as beads, and as a mini-storage tray. It’s fantastic! I love their commitment to ensuring the ongoing survival of bees – so super important to our ecosystem (and porridge in the morning). I also think that by making such a high quality product – they are doing an amazing job to make sure it’s used over and over and over!

–Veronica Milsom

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