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Gut Performance – Gut Performance Original



Gut Performance Original is a scientifically formulated blend of three 100% natural prebiotic foods, recommended by Monash University to support optimal gut health. It contains a mix of soluble and insoluble fiber and resistant starch, sourced from fresh crop waste, ensuring high-quality natural ingredients.

Made from excellent clean ingredients including sugarcane stem, red sorghum and beetroot.
Gut Performance prioritises ethical practices, including sustainability, gender pay equality, inclusivity and fair trade. They use locally sourced and sustainable ingredients for 90% of their products, prioritise customer health and confidentiality and value honesty, transparency, compassion, respect, and service as their core values. They also prioritise environmental awareness and data protection, both internally and externally.
Gut Performance has partnered with Oysterlean, an Australian innovation that utilizes waste material sourced from seashells to create a bio-renewable resin capable of replacing oil-based plastics and reducing the need for fossil fuel-based resins. The brand's sustainability mission includes environmental application, cost stability, and production compatibility. Gut Performance has also teamed up with CarbonClick, a New Zealand company that helps businesses reduce their environmental footprints through offsets that fund forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects. The brand sources 90% of its ingredients from Australia, uses innovative technology to transform fresh crop waste into high-quality natural ingredients and has implemented sustainable practices such as a no-paper policy and energy efficiency measures.
Gut Performance works with community groups like Mens Medicine, Awaken Retreats and Move With Us to donate products and offer free education on wellness and gut health. They also partner with charities such as Death Row Unchained and Carbon Positive Australia and for Earth Day, they will plant a tree for every Gut Performance purchase made during the promotion.

Product reviews from our experts…


I adore the sweet, fruity taste of this gut elixir – the powder dissolves easily into water, juice or smoothies. I’m intrigued by the research backing this product and especially interested in how sugarcane stem (with the sugar extracted) assists with gut health. Looking forward to using this long-term!

I also appreciate that 90% of ingredients are sourced locally and I’m impressed by the brand’s sustainability partnership with Oysterlean.

–Emma Freeman


I love this product, it tastes great and includes a fantastic formula of ingredients to support gut health. I also appreciate that they prioritise ethical practices, including sustainability, gender pay equality, inclusivity and fair trade!

–Jess Donovan


Straight away it says Monash University and low fodmap so it is easy for people to navigate if this will be appropriate for them. Lots of ticks on the side to show what it applies to in health. It also seems to have a lot of science to back it as a gut performing supplement so that’s another big tick!

–Lucia Rivas-Herry

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