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Hairpip – Naturally Balanced Solid Shampoo



This product offers a solid breakaway pip that provides 72 washes. It effectively balances oils and dryness, reducing wash days. Each pip is suitable for all hair types and is packaged in a non-plastic, small portion, making it eco-friendly.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients including Indian sandalwood, frankincense and bergamot essential oils.
Hairpip is a hair care brand that aims to provide safe and authentic products for a greener world. They encourage curiosity about the ingredients used in daily routines to change damaging habits and protect future generations. Hairpip is Australian-owned and manufactured, and promotes resourcefulness at its heart.
Hairpip aims to inspire everyday resourcefulness to change mindsets and habits toward using, buying and manufacturing plastics. The brand believes sustainability is about breaking even and regenerating and they want to make a difference by being plastic-free. They eliminated water from their shampoo formula to reduce bulk, save water and omit preservatives. They source locally and ethically for their few ingredients and the manufacturing process uses minimal energy. They designed the pip to be resourceful and not wasteful and the packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and compostable.
Hairpip focuses on servicing the Australian community, especially those who are concerned about making positive changes with their purchases. The brand's products are formulated using natural ingredients and minimal processing to deliver safe and ethical products for individuals who prioritise wellbeing, self-care, and environmental care. Hairpip supports local communities and is committed to social responsibility efforts that protect future generations.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that it is separated like a chocolate bar; ingenious! This is perfect for travel. I use shampoo bars and have to cut them down to travel with them – this solves that issue. It also lathers well and the packaging is compostable.

I love the packaging and the ingredients. I like that they’re focused on a waterless solution.

–Julie Mathers


I found that both for myself and my boys, although the hair doesn’t get the super moisturised feel in the shower you get from conditioner, our hair came up silky and nice. Girls can then add special oils or leave in conditioners, based on their specific hair types and challenges. I love the idea of the small breakaway blocks. Eliminates the big soap bar which sits in the shower for a long period and also great for travel. The smell is divine and I loved the product overall.

Eliminating plastics, water and nasty ingredients. I’m really impressed by what this product and business is doing.

–Amanda Jason


I love the design of Hairpip and that I can just break off a piece at a time. Hairpip is perfect for travelling; rather than packing shampoo and conditioner or even a large shampoo bar, I can just pack a small pip that takes up next to no space or weight.

I’m impressed that Hairpip is challenging the norm of using shampoo and conditioner and that the product is a healthier alternative for both hair and the planet. Love that the packaging is compostable too.

–Laura Trotta

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