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Happy Breast Balm – Pregnancy Care Kit



The Pregnancy Care Kit includes a 100ml bottle of Happy Pregnancy Balm, Dry Skin Brush, Massage Mantra and instructions for body brushing and breast and belly massages. Happy Pregnancy Balm is made with natural ingredients and blended by an Aromatherapist, to help promote a symptom-free pregnancy and enhance the bond with the baby.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including organic hemp seed and coconut oils with frankincense, lavender and mandarin essential oils.
Happy Breast Balm is a brand that manufactures products in Australia with a focus on sourcing local, fair trade, and organic ingredients. They use essential oils from brands like Young Living and Doterra and their kits are made from cardboard with printing done in Australia. The brand does not use any chemicals in their production or cleaning.
Happy Breast Balm is an Australian brand that prioritises sustainability by using cardboard mailers and reusing all packing materials. Their facility is fully solar-powered and water-independent and they source local, fair trade and organic ingredients whenever possible. The brand uses only high-quality essential oils from Young Living and Doterra and avoids using chemicals in their products and production processes.
Happy Breast Balm is focused on breast care and encourages women to take their breast health into their own hands by massaging and dry brushing their breasts, along with practicing positive affirmation, self-love and gratitude. The brand has designed a Pregnancy Care Kit to address the unique needs of pregnancy, as breasts and bellies require extra TLC during this time. The kit is intended to inspire pregnant women to pamper themselves and connect deeply with their growing baby.

Product reviews from our experts…


I enjoy the fact that the product comes as a kit, with the dry brush and oil and instructions. It is a different take to relaxing and a helpful reminder to take your time to really apply the product while taking time for yourself.

Being all Australian made and sourcing local ingredients is a big tick for me. It’s also great to see brands take the sustainability journey all the way from creation of product to delivery. Ensuring recyclable materials are used in all aspects.

–Laura Wells


Happy Breast Balm’s Pregnancy Care Kit is made with the cleanest of ingredients, ensuring it’s safe for mum and bub and lovely on the skin. I love the combination kit with the mantra and instructions to create a beautiful ritual of pregnancy self care.

Happy Breast Balm has also holistically considered the background of its ingredients from an ethical and sustainable standpoint. The brand’s commitment to clean ingredients and a quality product is clear.

–Brittanie Dreghorn


I love the brush!! It’s so practical, quirky and a beautiful design. The feel of this balm is divine and lets off a calming scent.

I also really like how little ingredients are actually in this oil! I was surprised to see such a small number of ingredients compared to a lot of other oils on the market. Very impressed with the products being produced in Australia, the use of solar and being water independent.

–Crystal Larissa

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