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Happy Planet Toys – The Reef Express Bath Toy Set


Gold + Editor's Choice
Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% recycled HDPE.
Happy Planet Toys’ entire manufacturing process is completed in Australia, including the sourcing of raw materials, material re-processing, design, manufacturing and production of packaging. All third-party suppliers adhere to and support all of Australia’s employment laws and fair working conditions.
Toys are created from 100% recycled milk bottles, sourced from Australian kerbside recycling, and Happy Planet Toys have saved over 20,000 milk bottles from ending up in landfill. As there are no additional parts (like bolts or batteries), or mixed plastics, the toys are recyclable at the end of their useful life. Through The Reef Express Bath Toy Set, children are being encouraged both to connect with our oceans and marine life and to understand the value of recycling.
Happy Planet Toys are committed to supporting the true eco-warriors out there. They donate at least 10% of their profits to organisations such as The Dolphin Research Institute, which run an award-winning education program to help children understand the importance of keeping our waterways and oceans clean for the health and sustainability of marine life.

What our experts say...

I loved that the Reef Express kept the babies entertained in the bath for so long! Always trying to find exciting toys to get them in the bath, so this was great. I told the older boys that the boat was made from recycled bottles and they were so impressed! So was I! It started some great conversations about how to reduce waste and what things can be made with plastic etc. Thanks!

– Amanda Callan

These bath toys have been used and loved daily by my children (especially my 3 year old son) ever since we got them a few months ago. Colourful, fun and perfect for imaginative play. I love that all the pieces tidy away together and it is made from recycled Australian milk bottles.

– Emily Fletcher

The kids are obsessed with this toy in and out of the bath, they love the little sea characters featured as well and I love that I can have something in the bath for them that is non-toxic. The brand has a solid social responsibility statement and I love everything they teach and hope to teach children about recycling.

– Shara Osorio

My kids LOVE playing with this bath toy set. They each have their favourite characters to play with and enjoy pulling together and apart the submarine. I really appreciate that this product is made from non-toxic recycled HDPE and the kids loved hearing that their toys were made from recycled milk bottles.

– Emma Freeman

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