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Hark Zander – HempTonic Face Oil


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

Introducing the award-winning HempTonic Face Oil! Specifically designed for sensitive skin, it offers a balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids along with abundant micronutrients. With soothing properties, it provides fresh and bright skin while also acting as an anti-aging moisturiser and cleanser.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including evening primrose, sea buckthorn and ylang ylang oils.
Hark & Zander has three guiding principles which include being 100% natural, uncompromisingly sustainable and made in New Zealand. Their products are cruelty-free and vegan, with ingredients that are sourced from nature, proven by science, traceable, kind to people and the planet, sustainable, biologically active, concentrated, authentic, and transparent. The brand avoids fillers, toxic additives, artificial colours and fragrances and synthetic preservatives.
At Hark & Zander, all packaging is made ethically and is recyclable, including the bottles, boxes, and shipping materials. The brand opted for glass bottles and uses natural fibre labels with removable adhesive. The brand's PEFC certified cardboard boxes are also 100% recyclable and no lamination is used to make it easier to recycle. The hero ingredient is Carbon Positive Hemp and the brand is looking into getting B-Corp certification.
Hark Zander's founder is a patron for the Breast Cancer Cure Charity and the brand donates products to their fundraisers and several other local fundraisers. The laboratory and production line are based in Auckland and the brand is committed to sourcing organically grown New Zealand hempseed for their oil, which required innovation and the import of a new machine to obtain. The brand's decision to make their products in New Zealand supports local businesses and the NZ economy.

Product reviews from our experts…


Despite being formulated with such rich and nourishing ingredients, the HempTonic Face Oil was so lightweight and absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving any greasy residue. I also love that it is a dual purpose product that can be used for cleansing and moisturising. I also have to acknowledge their incredible packaging. Not only is the packaging sustainably made in recyclable materials but the box is truly a work of art! It was such a unique and welcome surprise when I opened the box which I really appreciated.

I also love that they have used natural fibre labels with removable adhesive so I can easily remove the label before recycling the bottle. They have taken no shortcuts to go above and beyond to ensure that every piece of the product has been thoughtfully sourced and can be respectfully disposed of. I love that they use Carbon Positive Hemp and can’t wait for them to get B-Corp certification!

–Marisa Robinson


The bright blue and orange packaging of this Hemo-Tonic face oil is incredibly creative and fun – putting a smile on your face and lifting your spirits instantly. What’s more is the beautiful selection of seed oils and ylang ylang scent left me daydreaming of tropical islands. The oil is highly functional as both a cleanser and moisturising oil and could be used by those with even the most sensitive of skin.

I also love that Hark Zander is committed to making 100% natural products that are kind to people and the planet and are produced locally too. I am also impressed that the company is looking into becoming B-Corp certified.

–Dominique Scott


This face oil has good ingredients, absorbency, feel and a natural smell with fun colours. The brand’s three guiding principles are also great!

–Kirstie + Sarah

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