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Hemp Clothing Australia – Women’s Classic Tee


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton jersey.
Hemp Clothing Australia has a strong focus on natural fiber products mainly Hemp and Organic Cotton. The brand's manufacturing partners in China employ small specialist teams in the natural fibre industry. Yarn and fabric used has achieved OEKO-TEX and GOTS certifications. Hemp Clothing Australia is consistently developing/implementing plastic free solutions such as wood or corozo nut buttons instead of plastic. Hemp school uniforms have achieved an excellent UV rating from ARPANSA at their laboratory in Victoria.
Hemp cultivation removes toxins and heavy metals from soil and oxygenates the soil making it more productive for the future. Producing hemp does not require herbicides or pesticides. The company uses biodegradable labels, wash labels, swing tags and flat packaging Imported cardboard boxes are repurposed for domestic shipments cutting reliance on new box packaging by approximately 70%.
Company founder Chris sits on the committee of the Industrial Hemp Association of SA, promoting the benefits of hemp cultivation and cleaning up the clothing industry. Hemp Clothing Australia is invested heavily into developing affordable hemp school uniforms to help transition schools away from low quality synthetic uniforms. This new hemp school uniform program is assisting 21 schools and thousands of students in phasing out synthetic uniforms which are usually made of polyester or nylon (plastic yarns). The company feels very strongly that fashion labels working in the space of natural fibres can do more to help other sectors transition to more socially and environmentally responsible product lines and solutions.

What our experts say...


Hemp Clothing Australia’s Women’s Classic Tee is a beautiful, staple T-shirt! The hemp and organic fabrics are soft and sturdy, while ensuring breathability. This sustainable shirt can be worn all seasons. It’s clear that Hemp Clothing Australia is invested in the community and environmental sustainability. The work that the brand’s founder has done to bring this sustainable fabric into Australia and raise its profile is admirable. Hemp Clothing Australia’s garments are high quality and well-wearing!

–Brittanie Dreghorn


The combination of hemp and cotton is great for sensitive skin, and very breathable in hot weather – appreciate that the kids must be enjoying their move away from synthetic school uniforms! It performs well when sweating, as it’s natural fibres. The cut is excellent. Machine washable which is great. Nice thick fabric stock, great for a basic, not too thin. Despite being hemp and cotton, not too stiff either. Love the good UV rating! On a deeply personal note, I appreciate the use of hemp plants for remediation effects – I actually cultivated hemp plants for this very reason for my environmental engineering final thesis, so I know this works well on contaminated soils! I also like the use of natural buttons!

–Bianca O’Neill


A beautiful classic tee which has fast become my favourite. It has a flattering cut and washes and wears so well. I really appreciate how much Hemp Clothing Australia is doing to advocate for industrial hemp reform, which would have such a beneficial impact on our environment and the clothing industry. I hope my children will be able to wear their wonderful hemp school uniforms one day!

–Emily Fletcher

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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