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Hemp Collective – Hemp Pet Shampoo Bar



Hemp Collective’s Natural Pet Shampoo Bars, infused with Hemp Seed Oil, moisturize and cleanse pets’ coat and skin. With no harsh chemicals or complex ingredients, these concentrated bars are environmentally friendly, replacing up to 2 liters of liquid shampoo, and packaged in biodegradable compostable material.

Formulated from excellent clean, organic ingredients including hemp seed oil, coconut oil & cocoa butter.
Australian-based company Hemp Collective prioritises the environment and sustainability in every aspect of its supply chain, from farming to packaging. The brand sources only Australian-grown hemp from farmers who share its values and combines it with plant-derived ingredients. Hemp Collective carefully chooses suppliers who also prioritise social and environmental responsibility and do not support child labour. The brand buys in bulk to minimize packaging waste, packages products in compostable materials and helps customers embrace sustainability with its hemp pet care products. Hemp is a versatile and carbon-negative plant, making it a beneficial choice both for consumers and the planet. The brand has overcome adversity through resilience and perseverance and is now stocked in over 200 stores across Australia.
Hemp Collective is an Australian family business based in the Byron Shire, founded by Maxine and Mike. Their products, which are 100% Australian-made and cruelty-free, are designed to avoid environmentally damaging ingredients and come in recyclable, biodegradable and reusable packaging. Hemp Collective also pioneers an Australian hemp industry with ongoing education of the hemp plant, which is beneficial to the environment as it helps capture and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis.
Hemp Collective prioritises social responsibility and contributing to the well-being of society over financial goals. The brand offers flexible working environments and actively supports the community through volunteering and gifting products to those in need. Hemp is the hero ingredient, with its efficient carbon capturing abilities used to combat climate change. The brand pays extra to offset electricity to be carbon neutral, recycles or reuses waste and only deals with ethical suppliers and businesses. There are no deceptive or manipulative marketing tactics used and the safety and quality of products is ensured.

Product reviews from our experts…


To be honest I’ve never thought much about making sure my pups products are sustainably sourced which sounds bad as I do in all other areas of life, so when I first opened this one I was very pleasantly surprised. The packaging was mindful, recyclable and not a piece of plastic in sight. The ingredient list is also really gentle which I need for my eldest dog (and smells great!). I love that it will also last a long time so good on the wallet as well.

I love that they use 100% Australian hemp and have put in a lot of effort to ensure the environment and sustainability in every aspect of its supply chain, from farming to packaging.

–Lee Sutherland


I really liked the fun packaging and I like the size and shape of this soap. It feels easier to use, more ergonomic, than normal soap bars. It smells really nice – subtle and not strong enough to bother my dog, Stella, but enough for me to enjoy the washing experience!

I love that sustainability and education about hemp’s benefits/ properties is important to this company. I also like that they are involved in the local community, and also involved from farm to product.

–Lucy Cousins


The packaging was plastic free, always a plus. I’m a huge fan of any use of hemp seed in skin-products because of the natural benefit, and also because of the incredible efficiency and sustainable nature of hemp production.

I am impressed that Hemp is the key ingredient for the reasons above – fantastic to see fair work conditions being listed as a social responsibility feature, yes to more of that. Family business, locally owned and run in New South Wales holds great appeal to me too.

–Alena Turley

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