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Hemp Oz – Hemp Kombucha


Made from excellent organic ingredients, including organic green and black teas and hemp seed oil.
Hemp Oz manufactures their products in Australia from organic ingredients that are ethically sourced. The brand undertakes strict screening when engaging with contractors and suppliers to ensure ethical practices are adhered to.
Hemp Oz is committed to protecting the environment and uses sustainable packaging solutions for all products, while staying clear of plastics. The Hemp Kombucha is packed in a dark glass bottle to protect both the Kombucha and the environment. The packing cartons are made from recycled paper. Hemp Oz is a division of the Oz Medicann Group, which has a strong commitment to (and research interest in) ethical and sustainable agriculture.
Hemp Oz supports local charities through cash donations from every product sold and supports the homeless and vulnerable through donations of excess products to charities like Oz Harvest and Food Bank. The brand also distributes free products at conferences and functions that aim to support advocacy and research.

What our experts say...

I love that real sugar was used in this product and not fake sweeteners, avoiding the synthetic taste that so many kombucha brands have. I also love what Hemp Oz is about and their mission to provide medicine through cannabis. The company has a strong connection to supporting their community and I absolutely love their support of the homeless.

– Jade Woodd

Crisp, refreshing and moreish. I love that it has (scientifically tested!) multiple strains of probiotics to support a diverse gut flora. Given that a healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, I am certainly enjoying prioritising it in this pandemic world with my hemp kombucha!

– Emily Fletcher

This Kombucha is lightly sparkling and has a subtle acidic flavour, reminding me a little of lemonade. I love that it contains the power of hemp oil combined with over 38 billion live probiotics and that it’s been scientifically researched by an Australian University. I also appreciate that ingredients have been ethically and sustainably sourced. 

– Emma Freeman

This raw and zesty kombucha packs a probiotic punch, with the added benefit of hemp oil. The funky, glass bottled health drink provides a fun, fizz-filled sipping experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

– Dominique Scott

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