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Herbae Thylacini – Lemon Balm and Chickweed Natural Nappy Balm


Formulated from excellent non-toxic, Certified organic or wildcrafted ingredients. Includes chamomile, calendula, chickweed and lemon balm extracts and zinc.
Herbae Thylacini products are 100% manufactured in Tasmania, Australia. They are always hand-crafted in small batches, using herbal extracts crafted in-house from raw plant material. The vast majority of ingredients used are certified organic, organic or wildcrafted. No synthetic chemicals, water or other fillers are used. Herbae Thylacini’s ingredients are also of Australian origin, palm oil-free, cruelty-free and vegan or vegetarian.
The research-based remedies behind Herbae Thylacini bring awareness to the conservation of native Australian plants. Product packaging is BPA and PVC-free, reusable and recyclable and Herbae Thylacini also post their parcels plastic-free and domestically only. They also reduce flight miles, carbon footprint and atmospheric pollution by sourcing herbs and plants directly from Australian growers and Indigenous communities and by preparing their own herbal extracts.
Herbae Thylacini believe in and offer full transparency over the origins of ingredients on their products and publish free scientific information on Tasmanian and medicinal plants for education. Furthermore they support Australian farmers and Indigenous communities by purchasing ingredients they produce. Herbae Thylacini are a female owned and run small business.

What our experts say...


This is such a potent healing balm for stressed out bottoms – I loved the unique, herb scent and the powerful, reparative ingredients. My extended family members were drawn to this one not just to soothe and recover the baby’s bottom but as a cure-all, for all ages. The founder’s dedication and passion is obvious in this beautifully sophisticated formulation. The brand’s policies and philosophies are really well considered and thorough, and even more commendable given the scale of the business.

–Amy Starr


This balm has a really luscious texture that reminds me of creamed honey, but it soaks into the skin beautifully. It isn’t particularly perfumed which is great. I have used it on my baby’s entire body and my toddlers scratches. I also love the Tasmanian Tiger awareness that the brand highlights, especially with its link to the environment and traditional knowledge systems.

–Rebecca Sullivan


This product on the skin felt nice, had a subtle scent and didn’t leave too much residue on the skin when washed off.  I also love that the products are Australian made and mostly from Australian sourced ingredients from local farmers and Indigenous communities.

–Samantha Gilmore

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