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Herbae Thylacini – Wattle Seeds & Marshmallow Skin Treat


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes Kaolin, organic marshmallow and wattle seed powder.
Herbae Thylacini products are 100% manufactured in Tasmania, Australia. They are always hand-crafted in small batches, using herbal extracts crafted in-house from raw plant material. The vast majority of ingredients used are certified organic, organic or wildcrafted. No synthetic chemicals, water or other fillers are used. Herbae Thylacini’s ingredients are also of Australian origin, palm oil-free, cruelty-free and vegan or vegetarian.
The research-based remedies behind Herbae Thylacini bring awareness to the conservation of native Australian plants. Product packaging is BPA and PVC-free, reusable and recyclable and Herbae Thylacini also post their parcels plastic-free and domestically only. They also reduce flight miles, carbon footprint and atmospheric pollution by sourcing herbs and plants directly from Australian growers and Indigenous communities and by preparing their own herbal extracts.
Herbae Thylacini believe in and offer full transparency over the origins of ingredients on their products and publish free scientific information on Tasmanian and medicinal plants for education.

What our experts say...

So much more than an exfoliator – this is a cleanser, mask and a true experience in a little pot. From the beautiful packaging to the stunning natural ingredients inside, this is a well thought out brand. I recommend using it in the bath as it can get a little messy, but worth it! A beauty ritual and sensory experience, my skin is visibly smoother after use. I’ll be recommending this as I love the emphasis on Australian ingredients with native, local and organic ingredients. This would make a lovely gift and smells divine. Love the brand’s small batch ethos and visible love and commitment in each product.

–Amy Hughes

I absolutely loved using this product. The raw ingredients were so enjoyable to all the senses and the results were incredible.

– Carla-King Turner

A rich golden herbal paste filled with native Australian ingredients that becomes a beautiful yellow exfoliating mask with the addition of water – it really is a gorgeous treat! I love that the exfoliant comes from ground wattle seed and appreciate that this is pharmacist formulated. When using, I can feel the slight tingle of all the active ingredients working away and my combination skin feels so smooth and has a healthy glow to it after. Highly recommended.

–Emily Fletcher

This beautiful 3-in-one cleanser, exfoliator and mask has been formulated using some of my skin’s favourite ingredients, including; marshmallow, kaolin clay and calendula. I love that no water has been used, and that this deliciously earthy substance can easily be scooped into the hands using the wooden scoop provided. My skin feels softer, tighter and brighter after use. I’m extremely impressed with the integrity of this heartfelt brand and their endeavours to produce truly locally made products cultivated using ingredients that benefit local (including Indigenous) communities. They also prioritise being carbon neutral and waste free. Setting the gold standard.

–Emma Freeman


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