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HereAfter – Reusable Wipes System



The Reusable Wipes System offers a comprehensive solution for convenient and eco-friendly nappy changing. It is designed to be user-friendly, gentle on the skin and can be used for both household cleaning and storage. With long-lasting durability, it is a cost-effective choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

Made from excellent, non-toxic materials and ingredients. Reusable certified organic unbleached cotton and wipes solution which includes lavender and rosalina oils.
HereAfter manufactures its products in Agra India, within a socially accountable solar powered factory which prioritises workers' rights, fair pay, and environmental sustainability. Their high-end facilities in Sydney use plant-based, natural ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin and unbleached, OEKO TEX certified cotton. The brand is transparent about their ingredients and manufacturing practices and has eliminated harmful chemicals in baby wipes.
HereAfter aims to promote sustainability by limiting manufacturers and eliminating single-use items. Their products are made with BPA-free containers, uncoated cardboard packaging, plastic-free packing materials and tape. They encourage reducing waste and using reusable items from birth to implement changes for future generations. The brand also promotes the purchase of products that will last for 5-10 years. For example, their diapers can replace over 14,000 baby wipes per child.
HereAfter donates to charities providing baby goods and personal care items to women fleeing domestic violence situations, supports manufacturing facilities in India and educates locals about the use of reusable items and council rebates for sustainable purchases.

Product reviews from our experts…


I actually found this product so easy to use. I love that there are two containers so the wipes can easily be sorted. The liquid solution has an incredible scent and the travel wet bag is a great addition!

I love to hear about their solar powered factory, and how they support their workers. I also appreciate all their efforts on reducing waste.

–Claire Karlson


I am completely obsessed with this system! Beautifully designed, functional and easy to use. A great way to introduce hesitant parents to reusable products with simplicity and ease.

The transparency with their manufacturing process and materials gives me a lot of confidence in their brand. It’s important to me as a consumer to know that factory workers are treated fairly.

–Courtney Dow


I like that the wipes are reusable and that it comes in a mess free kit with everything you need to last years. The wipes feel so durable and thick. I really like the toweling type cotton for absorption and cleaning the mess efficiently.

I like that this brand aims to eliminate single use items. It’s great being able to purchase a kit once that’s designed to last you the 5-10 years that’s stated. I also like that they donate to and support organisations.

–Crystal Love

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