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Hero Condoms – Hero Condoms



Hero Condoms, donates one condom to a community in need for every one sold. Produced in accordance with International Standards, their world-class manufacturing facility electronically tests each condom. Hero Condoms are dermatologically tested, paraben-free and vegan-friendly.

Made with excellent clean ingredients including 100% natural rubber latex and silicone lubricant.
Hero Condoms ensures that its supply chain partners in Malaysia exceed national and international laws for wages, overtime, shift-work and employee entitlements. They provide paid parental leave and health benefits beyond legislated requirements and have diversity and inclusion measures to address inequality in the workplace. The brand's manufacturing partners are SEDEX certified and compliant.
Hero Condoms use rubber tapping to extract natural latex from rubber trees, which is then processed into medical grade latex at their manufacturing site. The brand is committed to environmentally friendly practices throughout production, including water treatment and recycling, earth-friendly power generation and agro-forestry initiatives. Hero's packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials.
Hero is a social responsibility initiative that operates from a rights-based perspective, prioritizing the human right to universal access to health services and full, inclusive sex education. The initiative consists of four key pillars under their vision: health equality, empowering people and organizations to create change, promoting responsible operations committed to sustainable development, and implementing a "one-for-one" donation program where a condom is donated for every condom sold. Their focus is on sustainable, locally led solutions and to date, they have donated 2,358,852 condoms globally. Hero aims to expand further into the healthcare sector to broaden their impact and support change makers around the world.

Product reviews from our experts…


I like that when I’m using it, someone else is also going to enjoy a safe, fun, sexy time too. The one for one model is simple, but sexual health is very important and harder for people in developing countries to access the resources and materials they need to practice it, so I am glad that they are able to donate to places that need assistance in that regard.

–Josh Reid Jones


Condom waste is barely discussed despite being such a huge issue, and thus I love that these natural condoms have been made using 100% clean materials and ingredients including natural rubber and a silicone lubricant. The “Ultra Thin” option is a fantastic option for those seeking a natural texture and feel. And remember – place your used condom in the garbage (where it can biodegrade) – not the toilet!

I’m also very impressed by this brand’s commitment to social responsibility from the inside out – through active support of global communities, sustainability and sex education.

–Emma Freeman


I like that the brand makes ethical sexual wellness products. I am also impressed by their community donations.

–Arjun Sudhir

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