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Hevea – 100% Natural Rubber Big Bath Mat



The HEVEA Big Bath Mat is a visually appealing and sturdy product, crafted using repurposed natural rubber. It is certified as vegan and poses no threats of toxicity. Furthermore, this mat is compostable and biodegradable, ensuring safety for users and the environment.

Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% Upcycled natural rubber.
Hevea has achieved both B Corp and Vegan certifications, and has a strong relationship with its manufacturers in Malaysia. The brand follows a Code of Conduct that emphasizes non-discrimination on the basis of factors, including race, religion, and gender identity.
Hevea produces sustainable and biodegradable products made from natural rubber. The company upcycles rubber to make its bath mats and uses mineral colour pigments that are safe for food contact. Their packaging is biodegradable, and Hevea is currently developing projects to further reduce packaging waste. In 2022, the company planted 1,585 Hevea Brasiliensis trees in partnership with Tree-Nation.
Hevea is involved in projects aimed at empowering women in Malaysia and Kenya, partnering with non-profit organizations such as 100% for the Children and Positive Life Kenya to donate LOOP Menstrual Cups to women in underprivileged areas of Nairobi. Additionally, the brand participates in reforestation and conservation projects by planting Hevea Brasiliensis trees with Tree-Nation to restore forests, create jobs, support local communities, and protect biodiversity.

Product reviews from our experts…


Such a beautiful design, simple and a stunning colour that worked amazingly with my home aesthetic. Perfect size and fit our bath really well. I really liked the packaging, the kids ended up making a pretend telescope out of it which they are still using. The rubber was not slippery at all even when bubble bath was added to the water.

I can’t believe that the mat is compostable and biodegradable! I think it’s great that it is made from upcycled natural rubber! How good! I also loved reading that they partnered up with Tree-Nation, such an amazing cause. I loved seeing that they donate to charities which empower women.

–Samantha Gilmore


The bath mat is super practical and easily washable. It also looks/feels as though it will last a long time. I am impressed by the use of up-cycled, natural rubber as rubber is generally difficult to recycle.

–Veronica Milsom


The mat is visually adaptable and able to mesh with any bathroom style. The material used makes it a practical guilt free solution for bathroom safety. I also appreciate the easy to clean surface that doesn’t require intensive or detailed cleaning to ensure all divets are dirt free.

There has clearly been some thorough research in all aspects of the design to ensure a truly toxic free solution.

–Montana Lower

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