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Hevea – Wide Neck Baby Glass Bottles with Natural Rubber Sleeve



The Hevea Wide Neck Baby Glass Bottles are plastic-free and feature a single piece anti-colic nipple and cap, made entirely from 100% natural rubber. The bottle neck is designed to fit perfectly and prevent any milk spillage, while the natural rubber sleeve offers protection from heat and accidental drops.

Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Hand blown borosilicate glass bottles with a natural rubber teat.
Hevea is a B Corp-certified and Vegan-certified brand that maintains an ethical working relationship with their manufacturers in Malaysia. They have a strong Code of Conduct in place that guarantees human rights without discrimination of any kind based on various factors including race, religion, and sexual orientation.
Hevea utilizes natural rubber for its products, which is sustainable, compostable, and biodegradable. They also use mineral colour pigments suitable for food contact while their packaging is made from plant materials and biodegradable. They have planted over 1,500 Hevea Brasiliensis trees in 2022 alone and are working on reducing packaging waste further.
Hevea is involved in projects aimed at empowering women in Malaysia and Kenya, partnering with non-profit organizations such as 100% for the Children and Positive Life Kenya to donate LOOP Menstrual Cups to women in underprivileged areas of Nairobi. Additionally, the brand participates in reforestation and conservation projects by planting Hevea Brasiliensis trees with Tree-Nation to restore forests, create jobs, support local communities, and protect biodiversity.

Product reviews from our experts…


I really loved the rubber sleeve on this product for easy grip for my little one and protecting his little hands from the heat of the milk, it made holding the bottle himself so much easier! The natural rubber one piece design was appealing to me, as I like the germs being unable to get stuck between parts and the 100% plastic free design made it even more appealing. The vacuum sealed natural rubber cap was so convenient to pop on between bottles or when out for no spills.

I was most impressed by HEVEA utilizing natural rubber for its products, which is sustainable, compostable and biodegradable. Also their ethical working relationship with their manufacturers in Malaysia with a strong Code of Conduct in place that guarantees human rights really was impressive, because they obviously put people over profits.

–Amy Maree


The no-slip sleeve is really a revelation! I loved the comfort in knowing my daughter was drinking out of glass, not plastic, but the sleeve meant she kept an excellent grip on it. The single-piece teet really does fit like a glove – it’s so simple, but works brilliantly. She is breastfed, so the fact that she calls it her “booby bottle” is testament to its useability and a ringing endorsement from our family.

The brand’s policies are as well-rounded as they are responsible. I appreciated the quality of materials, as well as the thought behind the brand’s footprint. I also love that this is a product that we’ll be able to pass on to a new baby when we’re done, to have an even longer life.

–Amy Starr


My favourite feature is the rubber sleeve that comes with the bottle. It creates great grip for the little ones and helps to protect the bottle when dropped. Especially if you have tiles!

I am also impressed with the company building ethical relationships and creating jobs for those in Malaysia. Also that they partner with not-for-profit organisations is to be commended.

–Crystal Love

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