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HeyDoodle – HeyDoodle Mats


Made from very good non-toxic materials. FDA approved silicone mat, marker pens with EN71-compliant ink.
HeyDoodle products are manufactured in China and partially in Australia. HeyDoodle ensures that companies they work with have a good working environment which supports their staff. They maintain good relationships with suppliers and are able to converse on matters such as these.
Manufacturers use only FDA-approved silicone and certified non-toxic ink for their textas. A premium is paid to suppliers to alter packaging methods, reducing single use plastic for transit wherever possible. Biodegradable or reusable mailers are used and they recycle all plastic and cardboard waste with VISY and REDCYCLE. Any manufacturing defects are donated to Reverse Art Truck where schools and kinders go to upcycle these materials.
HeyDoodle supports a network of Stay-At-Home mums with tasks that are not time sensitive so they can have a gradual ease back to the workforce. Toy libraries and schools are partnered with to offer fundraising opportunities. Large amounts of products are donated to children's hospitals and cancer foundations annually. Furthermore they financially support food banks and not-for-profit organisations.

What our experts say...


I love the idea and concept of this placemat. It is creative, multi-purpose and a great way to entertain toddlers before or after their meals. A great product for meal times that is also educational as well. Fantastic product! I love the brand’s approach to reusing, recycling and being biodegradable, this all aligns with my values towards sustainable living.

–Shahrzad Kahrobai


We’ve had this mat for a month now, and it gets used EVERY SINGLE DAY! I love that it is easier to take around to restaurants, on the aeroplane etc than bulky, heavy colouring books, and that it can be reused by simply wiping off the texta. Bonus tick of approval that the product arrived in a compostable parcel bag! It’s great to see that HeyDoodle Mats give back in several different ways, through donation of products and financially. I also respect that this business is willing to pay a premium to get their manufacturer to alter their packaging methods in efforts to reduce single use plastics. Going above the standard in creating an ethical product for a more sustainable planet!

–Melissa Mai


It’s such a brilliant idea!!! I spend SO much time trying to work out what to do with old scraps of paper that have been coloured in – this product gets rid of that problem. It’s super excellent quality, the colour selection excited the kids AND it’s such a great trick to have in your back pocket when you go to a restaurant. I love that HeyDoodle does great work in the community – particularly by donating to hospitals – it must be so special for an ill kid to have an activity that offers hours of entertainment while restricted to a bed.

–Veronica Milsom

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