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Holistic Hair – Essential Scalp Spray


BRONZE + Editor’s Choice

This multi-functional scalp spray contains a synergistic blend of herbs and botanicals to promote healthy hair. Rosemary and bergamot boost circulation to hair follicles, while neroli and lavender oils reduce hair fall. Its antioxidant-rich formula reduces oxidative stress, providing optimal scalp and hair well-being.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including rosemary, bergamot, neroli and lavender essential oils.
Holistic Hair supports fair trade, a living wage, cruelty-free and ethical practices. The brand works with partners who are aligned with their core social, environmental and economic policies. They use green chemistry principles to create their formulations and choose raw materials and service providers based on ethical, sustainable, environmental and safety considerations to earn consumer trust. The NZ Anti-Vivisection Society lists Holistic Hair in their cruelty-free guide.
Holistic Hair has integrated environmental responsibility and sustainability into its vision, values, and core mission statement, aiming to achieve B CORP certification of its social and environmental performance. It supports the move towards a low-carbon Circular Economy and connects with Carbon Click to reduce pollution and restore nature. The brand follows the principles of a Circular Economy in its product design, with an aim to be part of the new plastics economy and circulate all plastic items in use to reduce waste, pollution and carbon emissions. Holistic Hair bottles are made from 100% recycled PET1 plastic and the brand is certified Plastic Neutral by Cleanhub. It uses glass, FSC-certified paper/cardboard, soy-based inks and resin/mineral coatings for all other packaging and recycles its own waste. The brand chooses raw materials that are safe, sustainable and do not affect the environment or ecosystems.
Holistic Hair commits to donating a percentage of its revenue to social causes each year. In the 2022-2023 financial year, they donated funds to Voices of Hope NZ to create change for mental health and ecoBali to manage waste and provide employment in Bali. They also provide philanthropic support to local organizations in need of donations or financial assistance, such as kindergartens, schools, sports organizations, and hospices.

Product reviews from our experts…


The potent blend of herbs and botanicals create a more balanced, less oily scalp and I love the rosemary extract to encourage hair growth. Listed in the CF guide, Voices of Hope and other local community work is also impressive.

–Neha Hobson


Absolutely love the scent of this beautiful hair treatment containing herbs that not only smell amazing but stimulate hair growth and minimise hair fall. Having experienced a significant amount of hair loss recently due to a biotin deficiency, I’m excited to see how this product assists with my hair regrowth journey. I love that it need only be applied 2-3 times per week, which minimises oily build-up.

I’m also very impressed with this brand’s commitment to ethics, sustainability and giving back to society.

–Emma Freeman


This is such an easy product to use which is always half the battle. The spray delivery system makes it so simple to add into your routine and enjoy the benefits of giving your scalp some extra love. Bonus is it smells lovely too!

It’s also great to know that Holistic Hair is on the path to becoming a B-corp company so customers can be assured they have high ethical and sustainable standards.

–Ash Quinn

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