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Holistic Hair – Quinoa Pro NPNF™ Colour Protect Shampoo


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes Crambe Abyssinica oil, New Zealand Harakeke flax leaf extract and marshmallow root.
Holistic Hair supports and offers a living wage, fair trade, cruelty-free, and the NZ Anti-Vivisection society. They use the principles of green chemistry to create formulations, reduce or eliminate the use/generation of hazardous substances. Every aspect of making a product is evaluated and researched using a protocol that assesses the ethical, sustainable, environmental, and safety considerations expected to earn consumer trust.
Holistic Hair are currently working towards B CORP certification as proof of their social and environmental performance. They are members of the Sustainable Business Network and Carbon Click. Product design follows the principles of a Circular Economy to reduce waste, pollution and carbon emissions. Bottles are made from 100% recycled PET1 plastic to reuse plastic preventing more virgin plastic being created. They are Certified Plastic Neutral with Cleanhub and fund a women-led recovery and recycling business in Indonesia. Glass, FSC certified paper/cardboard, soy-based inks and resin/mineral coatings are used for all other packaging. Furthermore they choose raw materials that are safe, sustainable and do not impact the environment.
Holistic Hair is committed to donating 1% of their revenue to social causes. During 2021-2022 they donated those funds to UN Women Aotearoa NZ for the women and children in Ukraine and The Mums Clique who support mothers in their motherhood journey. They fund Tridi Oasis, a women-led plastics recovery and recycling business in Indonesia, offering work to locals. Furthermore they provide philanthropic support to local organisations that are in need of financial assistance; Kindergartens, Schools, Sports organisations and Hospices to name a few.

What our experts say...


I was really blown away by the results from even the first use of Holistic Hair’s Quinoa Pro Shampoo. It is luxurious to wash with and leaves my hair feeling softer, stronger, less frizzy and more vibrant (my blonde shone!). And then I learned more about Holistic Hair as a company – their mission, ethos, green chemistry practices, that they are certified plastic-neutral (and so much more!)…and I developed a major crush!! Holistic Hair’s commitment to evaluating, reducing and eliminating any negative impacts in the life cycle of their products, including design, manufacture, use and ultimate disposal is incredibly admirable! They are an excellent example of the fact that a brand can operate with integrity, transparency and care to deliver quality products that deliver impeccable results with minimal harm.

–Niccii Kugler


Holistic hair has designed a product specifically for coloured hair, which I was excited to try. When using it in the shower, I found it easy to lather throughout my hair, which is sometimes my gripe when using natural shampoo – but not this one! It works great, feels nice and the smell is amazing. I also love Holistic hairs philosophy because they really aim to make a difference. Holistic Hair should be admired as a leader in the mindful brands industry for being so transparent, using sustainable packaging and being environmentally sustainable. You can clearly see that they are aligned with the United Nations sustainable development goals, which I also hold close to my heart!

–Petria Leggo- Field


This is a gentle shampoo that makes my hair smell great and feel soft! I love that the brand is committed to great causes, locally and overseas and I love that these gorgeous Kiwi products use local ingredients!

–Sarah Berry

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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