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Honest Gum – Honest Gum Cinnamon


Made from excellent ingredients using the sustainably harvested natural sap chicle and sweetened with xylitol.
Honest gum is cruelty free and vegan and uses natural ingredients including Chicle (a natural tree sap) as their gum base. The brand’s drive was due to most conventional chewing gums listing ‘gum base’ as one of their ingredients, while petroleum, polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate, petroleum wax and stearic acid may be among the components. In addition, Honest Gum uses 100% xylitol as a sweetener (known to help prevent plaque build up and cavities) rather than the commonly used synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame or sorbitol.
Honest gum is 100% biodegradable, unlike conventional gum that is a very real source of plastic pollution. The tree sap used by the brand is extracted from the trees in such a way that does not destroy or compromise the tree’s survival, with each tree able to produce gum continuously for up to 300 years. Honest Gum is also packaged in a biodegradable flip top box with no need for a plastic film wrapper.
Honest Gum supports the livelihood of the Chiclero (and family), who continue to preserve the Amazon forest.

What our experts say...

Really interesting product – most of all I love that the gum is plastic free. How awesome is that? The flavour was great too and I think there is a real need for plastic-free gum. I also love how this product is supporting indigenous community and harvesting in a way that aligns with nature.

– Jade Woodd

I love the cinnamon flavour. It is not burny like some of the commercial brands. And obviously cinnamon is functional as well as flavoursome.

– Rebecca Sullivan

There is so much to love about this chewing gum! Not only does it taste delicious, it is sweetened with xylitol which is actually beneficial for your teeth and has been shown to reduce tooth decay and the incidence of gum disease. I also love that this gum is biodegradable! What a different world we’d live in if all chewing gums were like this! And the way to make it happen? Only buy biodegradable gum! It exists, so let’s support it!

– Emily Fletcher

These rectangular, creamy-white coloured pieces look and feel like traditional gum without the plastic! With an initial crunch, each serve bursts with sweet cinnamon flavours and texturally provides the experience you would anticipate when chewing gum. An innovative product that is not only plant-based and refined sugar free, but is also sustainable and biodegradable.

– Dominique Scott

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