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Honest to Goodness – Coconut Fibre Twisted Scourer


Gold + Editor's Choice
Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% natural coconut husk fibres, recyclable wire.
Honest to Goodness scourers are manufactured in Sri Lanka. The brand uses natural coconut fibre, which fully degrades and galvanised wire which is recyclable at the end of the life cycle of the product. Honest to Goodness works directly with their supplier to ensure a short supply chain with strict policies around ethical practice. The brand is proud to work with a small, family run business in Sri Lanka that prides itself on crafting beautiful, sustainable, handmade brushes whilst providing much-needed employment and skills/training for local women.
Honest to Goodness Scourers are biodegradable/recyclable. They are a BCorp Certified brand and committed to being NetZero by 2030. They sell many of their products in bulk to help reduce packaging and encourage refill. Nearly half of their retail space is fill-your-own bulk bins and their packaged goods are packed in resealable, recyclable or reusable containers wherever possible. The brand’s office space utilises worm farming, recycling of on-site materials and they use biodegradable, compostable and recyclable paper void in their shipping boxes instead of plastic/bubble wrap. Damaged goods that can’t be sold (e.g. dented in shipping) are given to staff members rather than being thrown away.
Every Christmas, the Honest to Goodness team hand-selects several charities to support that are making a positive impact on people and the planet. In addition, overstock of still edible food products are donated to OzHarvest.

What our experts say...

I love the simplicity of this product and how effective it is as a scourer – hardwearing, and dries out completely between uses so it doesn’t smell. It seems very sturdy and well made. I love that the scourer is free from plastic (both the product and the packaging). The company appears very committed to fair trade and ethical working practices.

– Lindsay Miles

What an amazing nifty little shape to get into glasses and small bottles! I can tell that there is genuine connection and concern for maintaining a short supply chain and exceeding minimum standards for their Sri Lankan workers and I have confidence in the B-Corp certification.

– Jacqui Scruby

The scourer is easy to grip and is an effective cleaning device. The product is made from natural fibres and recycled wire and the social standards followed in the manufacturing process are to be commended.

Laura Trotta

Such a joy to use! This scourer not only does a really good job cleaning my pans, even when there are cooked on bits, which I’d normally use steel wool for. The scourer also fits better into my hand, doesn’t flatten or change shape and eventually can biodegrade to just a strip of recyclable wire. I love that it is created by a community of women out of a local production waste product – coconut husk, and that the money from the sales goes towards not only giving them a true living wage but supporting them with medical expenses and even funds for retirement. An excellent example of the good that we can support through making conscious purchases.

–Emily Fletcher

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