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Honest to Goodness – Natural Unscented Castile Soap


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Castile soap made from high quality organic coconut oil and Australian olive oil.
Honest to Goodness products are ACO certified and manufactured in Australia from certified organic ingredients such as pure, ethically sourced Australian olive oil. Traditional processes are used to create this product saponifying plant-based oils only. The company has a strict vetting process for all suppliers with their Quality Assurance team to ensure no child labour. Honest To Goodness also works directly with their suppliers to ensure a short supply chain and full insight into their operations.
Honest to Goodness follows traditional Castile Soap manufacturing processes that avoid the addition of palm oil/derivatives. Their sourcing philosophy is, where possible, to source Australian manufactured and made or to source as close to origin as possible, where the product grows best. They are proudly Bcorp certified and committed to NetZero by 2030. Bulk sizes are offered and compostable, reusable and recyclable packaging materials are used. All on-site plastics and cardboard used in their production facility have dedicated recycling channels.
Every Christmas, the Honest To Goodness team hand-selects charities that are making a positive impact on people and the planet. Examples include Wayside Chapel, Cana Communities and Sacha Uku. When there is an overstock of edible food products they donate to OzHarvest. Many of the company’s suppliers also actively support their local community by funding schools, teaching English and even ensuring safe transportation for their staff to and from work.

What our experts say...


Truly versatile, I love that this unscented castile soap can be used to wash your hands, dishes, dog and clothing! I added 20 drops of essential oils and reused an old liquid hand wash bottle to create my own scented hand wash. It lathers up well and hands feel soft and cleansed after use. I also love that it’s available in 5L. A lot of work has gone into creating a castile soap that is ethical, sustainable, responsible and functional. Honest to Goodness truly embodies social responsibility in all that they do!

–Emma Freeman


Who doesn’t love a versatile product that can be used in so many ways?! A little bit of this gentle, non-toxic soap goes a very long way. You only need the smallest amount activated with water to create a beautiful and nourishing lather. Unlike other oil-based soaps, this doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily and it certainly doesn’t leave it feeling dry – it is the perfect formulation. From the high quality ingredients to ensuring there are no nasties, fillers and being palm oil free, the level of thought and care that has gone into the formulation of this soap with no corners being cut shows how much Honest To Goodness cares about their customers and the planet! I also appreciate how many uses this product has. It does away with me having to have multiple products and therefore more waste. The fact it is unscented with certified organic ingredients makes it a safe product to use around the home and I am not worried about it harming my cat.

–Marisa Robinson


I love the multi use of this product and that I can use it on the whole family. It was also refreshing to see the soap lid kept shut by paper tape in delivery rather than plastic. I love the development of a traditional widely used product like castile soap but creating it with cleaner ingredients and carrier oils. The consideration of grey water safety and testing is also comforting to use throughout the home and on adventures!

–Montana Lower

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